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Aconcagua Valley

Posted by Constance Chamberlain, Aug 28, 2012.

Hey all! I just updated the content for Aconcagua Valley, Chile ( Admittedly, I work for the Wines of Chile (as you may or may not know) but I was just wondering how many of you have had a wine from this area and/or what you think of the wines of region!


Looking forward to your feedback :) I'm also here to answer any questions if you have them!


Reply by Richard Foxall, Aug 28, 2012.

Are you responsible for the Virtual Tasting that we did for Chilean wine a while back?  My own predilection is that I don't buy Chilean Cabs, which seems to be the big pitch, but I LOVE carmenere, and there's really no other place to get it from. If I lived in Chile, I'd be all over the Cabs, probably, but I live in Cali and can get great ones here and don't really see the value proposition.  But every winter, I make beef stew with cumin and green olives and gorge myself on chocolaty, rich Carmenere.

Reply by napagirl68, Aug 28, 2012.

Hi Constance,


I also, living here in CA, don't partake of much Chilean wine.  However, I agree with Foxall that Carmenere's are a fav of mine, but my choice varies widely, of course, on the winemaker.   But I do go to Chile for Carmenere.

My husband, who shares a different palate than myself, prefers Chilean Cabs that exhibit that raw green pepper, almost a diesel palate/nose.   I, personally, do not care for those.


Reply by charlesr15, Sep 10, 2012.

I live in Philly area and go to Total Wine or sometimes the PA wine stores. I have to say that even though I enjoy trying new wine area's, the cab's from Chile I have been told to try and the stores I go to were disappointing. Maybe you have a couple favorites you could give me and I'll try again.

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