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Abruzzo Wines

Posted by stefanaccio1, Nov 27, 2008.

I will soon be heading to the area of Controguerra in the Teramo Province of Abruzzo. I have found some information on this town ( and see that it boasts some DOC and a COCG wine. Does anyone have information on how I migh go about visiting a winery in this general area? Thanks.


Reply by Philip James, Nov 27, 2008.

Hey Stafanaccio - Greg, who I'm sure will comment on this when he sees it, will know a lot more than me, but one way to start is to go the Snooth group page for the region and check out the popular wineries and see which we have contact information for:

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Nov 28, 2008.

Ciao Stefanaccio,
It's easy to visit most Italian wineries, they are happy to host enthusiasts. While a new wine growing region Controguerra does have a handful of producers worth visiting.

Among them I can recommend

Saladini Pilastri

Dino Illuminati

Camilo Montori

All make excellent wines and will be happy to see you. Understand that Italians function on a slightly different and more rigid schedule than we do. Try and make an appointment for 8am,10am, 2pm or 4pm. Each of those times will give you a two hour visit without interfering with lunch. Enjoy and remember that this is the life work for these people. They will be very proud to show you the vineyards, winemaking operation and ageing cellars before moving on to the tasting. Enjoy each aspect of that visit, and then enjoy the wines!

Good luck!

Reply by Lestat11331, Dec 1, 2008.

Saladini Pilastri? One of my favorite places to go to when visiting Italy

Count Saladini Pilastri's farm began three centuries ago so the land has always produced wine. Originally the tenant farmers gave up their wine to the Counts so that the wine could age in the famous durmast barrel. The Saladini Pilastri winery binds the ancient knowledge and tradition of winemaking with new and advanced technology.You can just taste the flavor of the wine as it unites the hills of Spinetoli and the rolling sunny hills of Monte Prandone and Porto d'Ascoli.
Thank you so much to winemaker Mr. Alberto Antonini
There is always some Saladini Pilastri Rosso Piceno open in my house for drinking!

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