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Posted by Valerio Zenato Le Morette, May 21, 2013.



The Valerio Zenato “Le Morette” company is a family firm of three generations of wine makers who have accumulated profound knowledge of the Trebbiano di Lugana vine, the main vine of Lugana. In addition, the family has a long history running a nursery producing vine cuttings that are distributed on the Italian market, the outcome of long expertise in selecting varieties of grapes.

The company pays particular attention to the specific characteristics of the vines and contributes to the protection of the territory by taking the utmost care over the environmental ecosystem. Emphasising the close union between the environment and the company, the “Le Morette” logo is a depiction of the protected species of mallard that nests in the Laghetto del Frassino. A historical analysis of the origins of the wine revealed that the name Le Morette could be retraced to the great civilisation of the Etruscans, who were very familiar with this species of bird and, at the same time, were the first real experts in the cultivation of vines, grafting and the techniques of wine production.

The company's philosophy is based on its solid bond with the territory, whose delicate balance is ensured by the use of organic fertilisers and natural substances. Each phase of the process, from the vineyard to the harvest and vinification, is carried out under with the personal supervision of the family to guarantee authentic, natural production.


Reply by EMark, May 21, 2013.

Very interesting and informative introduction.  Thank you very much.

I visited your website and found that to be as informative.  It has led me to a few questions if I may ask.

Most of us who participate on the Snooth Forum are wine consumers, although professionals do also participate.  While we do get participation from around the world, I live in the U.S..  Are your wines available for purchase in the U.S.?

I very much enjoyed the information you provide on your wines.  This includes both the sensory descriptions and all the technical information.  So, good job, there.  The first one I clicked on was the Bardolino Classico Chiaretto.  I was expecting to read about a bold red wine, but, to my surprise, this is a rose wine.  Also, I am pretty ignorant of the Italian language.  I am limited to single words like "ravioli" and "Prosciutto" or such strings as "Di quella pira" and "E lucevan le stelle", but that is pretty much it.  Is is possible that the word "Chiaretto" should have tipped me off to the fact that this wine is a rose?  Is there an English translation for the word "Chiaretto?"


Reply by Valerio Zenato Le Morette, May 23, 2013.

Thanks Emark.

We have just returned from a trip in the U.S. Our importer is "UvaImport"  (

Chiaretto is the name of a rose wine, typical of the  Garda Lake'hills. Chiaretto literally means light.
This wine is different from the Bardolino Classico, which is a red ruby wine.
I hope I have answered to your questions.


Reply by EMark, May 23, 2013.

Thank you for the information.  I learn something every day.

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