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A wine for everday of the week!

Posted by Blackbeauty14, Jun 7, 2010.

I need your help!! I would like to try a new wine for everyday of the week. Anyone can help :). What should I try for today?








I am up for all suggestions :)


Reply by Hannibal68, Jun 7, 2010.

Duplin Winery's Scuppernong Blush.




Reply by Vinos Por Linea, Jun 7, 2010.

To start the week Veave Du Vernay Brut Rose Sparkling wine. Crisp & Fresh for hot summers.

Reply by jamessulis, Jun 7, 2010.


Tough question with such limited information. However this is what I might suggest.  First: Determine what you would like to spend per bottle. I have found that once you go beyond the $10 bottle of wine you are approaching a better chance of finding something nice.  Next, go to your liquor store and write down the year, type of wine (i.e. merlot, chardonnay, cabernet etc) and the Vintner name.  Go home and turn on Snooth and do a search for them so you can determine what other people think of your upcoming purchases. Ultimately it's your taste buds that will determine what you like.  I would not settle for anything under a 3 point rating from Snooth.  This is what I would do for the 7 day week, on Sunday: a Sangiovese or Tempranello, Monday: a Cabernet Sauvignon, Tuesday: a Chardonnay, Wednesday: a Malbec preferably from Mendoza, Argentina,Thursday: a Sauvignon Blanc, Friday: a German Riesling Saturday: a Pinot Noir' or a Pinot Grigio/Gris.  Now there are areas and vineyards that are proven for their wine and don't necessarily have to be expensive, they are, Yakima Valley, Washington, Columbia Valley, Washington, Hood River Valley, Oregon, Napa Valley, California, Mendoza, Argentina, For Shiraz wine, Merlot wine, Cabernet Sauvignon wine try South Australia. You will learn as you go and also pay attention to all of the information Snooth has to offer. If you're not broke after all 7 bottles and you're still sober write back and let me know how you've progressed.

I hope you don't mind that I've added you as a friend here on Snooth.


Lefty - The Great Pacific Northwest



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