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A whole new kind of sorting.

Posted by bobbymondavi, Oct 5, 2007.

My Wines. We've promised and promised, and it's now finally right around the corner. My Wines is, perhaps, a misnomer since the section will include wines that technically are not "yours" yet. But I digress. Wish-listing capability and cellar tracking have both been in the pipeline for quite a while, and our vision is that there's no reason to separate the two, nor your ratings for that matter. It's all "your wine" on some level - be it wine you've already tried, wine you own in storage, or wine you hope to try in the future.

But, this novel concept of combining all your various wines into a single location presents a new set of challenges - namely organization. So we tooled and tinkered and tried various ideas from a tabbed interface to color coding to sidebar labels and right down the line. And then, it struck me. We already have (we think) the coolest and easiest sorting tools out there in our search pages. That nifty sliding sidebar with all kinds of sorting tools at your fingertips. It's intuitive, it's fun, and it looks pretty snazzy to boot. So why reinvent the wheel?

So without further ado, we give you a sneak peak of the new "My Wines" section on Snooth. This mockup is still unfinished, so there are pieces that look empty for good reason. But the main reason we wanted to post this now was to get your feedback about the general organization of the wines, and if the methodology is clear and intuitive. The sidebar will have a similar-looking sorting tool, with some different options that are specific to your wishlist and cellar, and you will be able to search by name as well. Otherwise, your wines are displayed in a chronological list on the right, with markers by month so you can scan to a particular date if need be.

So we leave it to you, our loyal users. What, if anything, would you like to see added to this design and/or functionality? We are going to include the ability to export lists of any variation (it will default to all your wines, but you can export a list of whatever's visible on screen, so if you sort to only red wines that are on your wishlist, you can export just that list as well), so that is not present yet but will be added. We're also going to clean up the sorting fields into those that make sense for your wishlist and cellar (location, wishlist date perhaps, things of that nature). We'd love your feedback on (a) the concept as a whole and (b) what ways you'd like to be able to sort and search through this aggregate wine list.


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