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A new member from Scotland...

Posted by KiltedDrinker, Aug 11, 2009.

...which is the damp green bit above England. I was hunting around for a specific Ravenswood Zin that we had in Sonoma last year on hols and stumbled across this goldmine of a site. What a blinder!

We (that's me and the missus) are pretty passionate about our wine but in a totally undirected and novice way - we'll have a punt at just about anything unless the price tag is utterly ridiculous. So far, strong sauvignon blanc (the really blunderbuss stuff from NZ in particular) and oaked chardonnay are the major turn offs. Californian zinfandel and a nice cold pinot grigio are the wines guaranteed to make us smile.

We've been getting into a few tastings round our neck of the woods which is giving some much needed discipline to our wine education. Next up - Claret. Yum.

As well as wine, I'm also a bit of a single malt whisky fan/bore. On that subject I am much more knowledgable, which is quite easy I suppose as there are far fewer distilleries than wineries!

Looking forward to hunting down good wine on here and getting some good tips from the forum!


Reply by Philip James, Aug 11, 2009.

Welcome! I'm from Cornwall originally, but live in NYC now - trying to keep the Celtic spirit alive. Where in Scotland are you based? I used to go up there ice climbing a lot - fort William and the Cairngorms mainly. I did spend New Years on Islay once, which was a fantastic (whiskey driven) trip.

Reply by KiltedDrinker, Aug 11, 2009.

I'm a Glasgow boy, so south of your ice-climbing mountains - the wife's family are all Inverness/Thurso though. Islay's great - 8 distilleries for just over 3,000 people living there. THAT'S an island you can love.

Cornwall to NYC? That's a change! Guessing pasties are hard to come by, though I do hear Cornwall's producing some decent wine now! Still can't my head round that, although there's no reason why not.

Reply by Philip James, Aug 11, 2009.

I wrote about British wine (and Cornish wine) here:

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised...

Reply by Robert Dallas Gray, Aug 21, 2009.

Ooh, ooh, another weegie wino! Whereabouts in Glasgow do you live, KiltedDrinker? (I'm in the West End).

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