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A little Holiday Help

Posted by Philip James, Dec 7, 2007.

Its December already and the holidays are just around the corner. Like Thanksgiving, this is the season for lots of big feasts with extended family. Pairing wine with dinner shouldn't be seen as a chore, but, I'll admit, gets exponentially harder as you add in your guests varied tastes and the numerous side dishes.

We've seen many of you searching for the word "Christmas": things like, 'best wine for Christmas dinner' and the like. To make it easier we've prepared our ' Snooth Christmas Central ' page (no comments on the catchy name please!). Any time you use the word 'Christmas' in a search you'll be given the option to go to the dedicated page, where we've selected the best wines to pair with Turkey or Ham, to celebrate with, to to pig out on Christmas cake with. All chosen by you, the Snooth community of course.

We did something similar for Thanksgiving, and we'll be doing New Year next and the other major holidays throughout the year. Hope it helps...


Reply by razmaspaz, Dec 7, 2007.

You should (eventually) set this up to give me wines in my recommended price range and matching my recommended wines and this would be clutch. Maybe even bump up the price a bit since most people splurge a little for Special meals.

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