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A green winery

Posted by Valerio Zenato Le Morette, Jul 5, 2013.

The  rain of this last time has slowed the work, but now our new winery is ready.
Next week we will plant a few rows of vines in the perimeter around the building, to immerse ourselves even more in the green of Lugana. It will take time because the trees grow, but we accepted the challenge. We have to wait patiently for nature to take its course, as when the vines are flourishing and sguarda the sky to see what the weather, hoping for better conditions for the grapes to ripen.
For us it is a challenge to even the design of the new winery, we chose a project strongly tied to tradition, but at the same time modern and innovative, because look at the respect for the environment and designed to have the maximum energy efficiency.
The walls of the building were made with brick blocks of ZWA, a German technology that allows a very high thermal insulation. The isolation criterion has been met with the choice of the fixtures used, which provide maximum thermal and acoustic isolation. The cellar is almost self-sufficient for the production of electrical energy, with photovoltaic system of 92 kw of type "integrated with features of architectural innovation",that are integrated in the construction and not applied as panels subsequently.
Even the heating system of the building draws energy from photovoltaic, thanks to the use of heat pumps that maximize their energy efficiency. The use of gas (non-renewable sources) is instead reduced to a minimum.
Finally, we paid attention to tradition. The materials chosen for the finishes are those traditionally used in the area, such as Lessinia stone laid on most of the floors and clay bricks for the cellar.


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