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A Better Way to Beta

Posted by Mark Angelillo, Feb 26, 2008.

It's true -- Snooth is post-beta. But that doesn't mean we won't be rolling out new features as fast as we can build them. Philip mentioned Snooth Talk yesterday. It's getting closer by the minute, but before we release it to the public we are going to have a short beta phase.

And that's the better beta. Rather than the whole application, we'll be rolling out our biggest new features initially to a small group of our most involved or interested users. They will get a few days to review the work we've done and help us get the feature ready for prime time.

So how will it all work? As a beta user you'll receive an email letting you know when a new feature is ready to test. When you log into the site you'll be automatically brought to the beta version. The application and all of your data will be completely intact and will continue to appear on the non-beta site. You can communicate with us through Snooth Talk itself, or via the contact form. We'll work through any changes the community requests and then open the doors to the greater Snooth community.

Hopefully this will make for even better features when they hit the streets. If you're interested in being a beta user, definitely let us know. We've still got a few slots open for this beta period -- but if you miss the boat this time you will still be able to sign up on the waiting list.


Blog comment by chris, Feb 27, 2008.

Anybody who uses the site regularly should be stoked about joining up with the betas. As an employee of Snooth, I get to see some pretty cool stuff in development, and the joy should be spread, I say.

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