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A beautiful finish

Posted by rboekdrukker, Aug 27, 2010.

My father, Hans Boekdrukker, was a fanatic white Burgundy drinker. He lived life to the fullest, and at every occasion he shared a magnificent bottle of Burgundy with us. He suffered two strokes and nine years later diabetes and his third stroke caught up with him and he passed away last August.

He left no will or instructions per se, so we had him cremated. We decided to spread his ashes in Burgundy and set the date for his birthday, July 19. A month before we decided to try our luck and wrote his favourite vintner a letter, asking if we could scatter his ashes somewhere on their domaine.

A week before we left I received a phone call from the domaine saying that they agreed to our request. We drove down to Puligny Montrachet and spent an emotional weekend at the hotel of Olivier Leflaive, which I recommend to anyone wishing to travel there.

The day before we visited the domaine, and although they were very busy the owner came and greeted us and showed us a spot. The spot is just amazing, you can see it on my profile picture, up by the trees above the vines. The owner showed us a spot on Montrachet (Grand Cru), the view is spectacular overlooking Montrachet and Batard Montrachet.

I will forever be buying a few bottles of Montrachet from the domaine and sharing it with my father.


PS As I was writing this I realized that the vintner may not appreciate being named so I have left their name out, but I can assure you they are regarded as one of the best and I will struggle to buy a few bottles per year.


Reply by dmcker, Aug 27, 2010.

A very personal and touching story for us. Would be nice to know that your father was somehow aware of this, but I'm sure it was a remarkable experience for your family to be able to show your love and respect for him in this way. Good on the winery for responding to your request.

Welcome to Snooth, rboekdrukker.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Aug 27, 2010.

What a way to honor your father's memory.  Much better than some sterile graveyard, he will now become molecularly part of the vineyard and its soils.  Think of the amazing cycle: The wine nourished his soul, now he returns the favor.  I've never been one to be sentimental about my future passing, but I am inspired. 

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