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5 new retailers on Snooth for Friday

Posted by Philip James, Jun 29, 2007.

A new day, and I'm pleased to welcome the following retailers:

Skyview Wine and Liquors - Riverdale, NY
Turnpike Spirit Shop & Wine Emporium - Fairfield, CT
Garnet Wines and Liquors - UWS, NYC
Gotham Wines & Liquors - UWS, NYC - Danbury, CT

If none of these stores are close to you and you're feeling a little left out, then shoot us a line and let us now who you'd like to see signed up. I'll start bugging them to join (bonus points if you then go in to the store and follow up - 2 people hassling is always better).


Reply by wewillowy, Feb 3, 2010.

We dined last evening at Pelago. I ordered, tasted and LOVED - as did my dinner guests - the frecciarossa uva rara.

PELAGO is a relatively new, highly regarded restaurant on Chicago's Gold Coast. The food preparation, presentation, menus, waitstaff, ambiance, conversation friendliness and attention to detail have made Pelago my favorite place to lunch or dine. Chef Owner Mauro Mafrici is Chicago's only Michelin Star chef so it was no surprise to me that the sommelier had this lovely - new to us - wine to accompany our dinner.

Wanting to know more about the frecciarossa uva rara, I downloaded a few wine related websites ... and there you were. I am curious to know why - according to my admittedly limited research - I was unable to find little information and few ratings regarding this wine. It appears to be sold/distributed by a few NYC businesses - from which, in fact I purchased wines when I lived in NYC.

I will appreciate any information you are able to send regarding this wine and where I can purchase it in Chicago. I can be reached at

Reply by UWSNapaLover, Feb 3, 2010.

Gotham Wine and Liquors is a great store. Very friendly, knowledge and fair prices for Manhattan.

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