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5 day trip to Sonoma & Beyond

Posted by sacrifice333, Aug 21, 2009.

Just wanted to give you all a bit of a rundown of what we ended up doing in Sonoma and beyond.

Our trip didn't occur exactly as we thought it might, but we were prepared for that, and had a perfect-ish little vaca.

We started out by spending a bit of time in San Fran, where we stayed at the Fairmont. We had dinner at the Nob Hill Cafe, discovered the Tongo Room (for a future visit!) and visited SFMOMA.

Saturday we picked up our rental car and attempted to find the Marin French Cheese Co, but Google provided us miserable directions so that too will be for a future visit. The rest of that day just got us to the hotel and a bit of relaxation around the pool.

Sunday was our Napa day. Before heading to Napa we started with a walk along Overlook Trail in Sonoma and a bit of time at the pool. When we reached Napa we we started with a visit to Artesa where we enjoyed their modern-ish architecture, design, and art pieces and then headed to The Hess Collection where we tasted their Pinot Gris and viewed the art collection on display. Next we headed for our "big" tour of Beringer, Taste of Beringer, where we learned a bit about Beringer, their process and sampled four of their "Leaning Oak" wines including their 07 Port. It was a decent tour and nice to see one of the big boys, as it were. We originally planned to visit Robert Mondavi as well, but some sunshine by the pool trumped that vineyard this time.

Monday was our Sonoma day and we had originally planned to visit Loxton, Deerfield Ranch, Ledson, and Arrowood by bike. After getting a better idea of the roads leading to these we changed it up a bit and visited Ravenswood, Gundlach Bunschu, and Sebastiani, all quite close to the town of Sonoma, by bicycle and visited Loxton by car in the afternoon.

At Loxton we very much enjoyed the wines, in general they had a nice light-to-medium body which made for very easy drinking. My wife especially appreciated Chris' style. Loxton was definitely the smallest vineyard we saw and it was nice to visit both a micro-winery and big kahuna such as Beringer.

Tuesday was our Healdsburg day where we had intended to visit Michel-Schlumberger, Ridge, and Kendall Jackson. Again we came up "short" and only made it to Michel-Schlumberger. Though of the group we were very happy this was the one we made it to. We had an excellent tour, which ended up being private as the other guests didn't show. Might have been due to the 100 degree heat that day! Interesting to see their sustainable practices and philosophy and very good wines too.

That was the extent of this first trip to Sonoma. We'll be back in the future and possibly focus on Healdsburg next time.

pic of Michel-Schlumberger Winery


Reply by sacrifice333, Aug 21, 2009.

pic of Artessa Fountains.

Reply by John Andrews, Aug 21, 2009.

Thanks for sharing ... so did you submit the reviews of all the wines you tried? ;-)

Reply by sacrifice333, Aug 21, 2009.

I attempted to. But as you know, some of them can be hard to track down since they're not widely available.

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