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40th Expo del Chianti Classico, Greve in Chianti

Posted by dmcker, Sep 9, 2010.

One of the season's biggest Italian tasting events starts today and runs through Sunday in Greve in Chianti. Formerly known as the "Rassegna", this year, for the 40th anniversary, the event has been renamed the "Expo del Chianti Classico".

Whatever it's called, it's a great reason to get into the countryside and try some Chianti Classico. There are dozens of top producers, as well as side events, and things to eat of course. Tickets, I believe, are 10 euro, and you get 7 tastes (including a glass to keep).


Where: Piazza Matteotti Greve in Chianti
When: September 9 (5PM to 9PM), 10 (11AM to 9PM), 11 (11AM to 7PM) & 12 (11AM to 9PM)



Anybody going? Would be an interesting contrast to the recent Sonoma event... ;-)


Reply by afinta, Sep 10, 2010.

Hi - I wrote this (what you posted above) on my website/blog at

I think copying and pasting my whole post verbatim, without mentioning my site or linking to it, is more than unfair. I please ask you not to do so again.

Reply by dmcker, Sep 10, 2010.

I apologize for that, and had no intention of taking any credit. Instead I was merely trying to point people to the event, which I won't be able to get to since I'm stuck in Tokyo at the moment.

Incidentally, your Florence Wine Merchants site and operation is one that I'm very interested in seeing grow, and not only do I hope to learn more about the wines in your area from it, but when you become e-commerce capable, and if you're able to ship overseas, I hope to see offerings that I can purchase from you.

I saw no involvement by you in the event nor branding of any kind (nor statements on your site requesting no cutting and pasting nor other form of reproduction), so didn't immediately figure there would be a problem in, in effect, helping you publicize the event in your region. If that is a problem for you, as you state here it is, I will not do so in the future. Perhaps you might utilize Snooth in the future to announce such events? That is certainly likely to provide your site with more exposure.

By the way, it is not actually verbatim. I did edit it a bit, hopefully not to the detriment of the message.

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