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2010 Vintage in Virginia... gonna be real, real good.

Posted by ChipDWood, Aug 5, 2010.

Not just according to me, but according to those who would actually know such things for their very meal tickets depend upon such knowledge.

Everything's in place to challenge the '07 vintage in the red catergory as the weather's been dry in the right spots, a bit damp only when needed most.

More in a bit.  A lot of people rather pumped down here, right about now.


Reply by ChipDWood, Aug 5, 2010.

Quick pimp: There's more to be known and more to meet who share a fascination with Virginia's rise up the wine making charts at the "Virginia Profile" - and all ya gotta dois click the link to find us.

(Official End of Pimp)

Reply by Jimmy Cocktail, Aug 8, 2010.

We just need to avoid any rain during harvest to keep the mold away. Because of the early heat wave this year, our Norton graps are already ripening. We're going to have to be careful about harvest because things are coming in really early. However you are correct Chip, this year should be a great vintage.

Reply by ChipDWood, Aug 8, 2010.

Jimmy, two things:

1) Like the blog ;).

2) Are you part of any particular winery, and which if so?

Even though it rained nearly every day of our trip- I think wine-wise, this was the best yet.  Chateau O'Brien, Rappahannock, Shaps (again), got up to Carter Mountain for a bit and nearly drove my truck off the side of the frickin' thing.  What a way to go.  "Virginia wine fan and Thomas Jefferson history buff slides off mountain, plumets 600 feet to his death in firery automobile explosion, next to the Monticello graveyard... news at 11".

What else... couple other places to be named later, for they are either top secret or I have officially forgotten their proper spellings.

Ok several things.

Oh!  And I got a bottle of the Stickdog Riesling baby... though I couldn't track down the (now more than ever) elusive character/wine-maker in disguise Brad McCarthy.

...More news on that later.

Agreed on heavy rains during harvest.  That last, major hurdle.  I may come down for harvest too btw, since I WILL work for wine.  Maybe drop by DC on my way or something, say hi over beers and some tunes.

Reply by Jimmy Cocktail, Aug 9, 2010.

Chip, Thanks for the compliment and I do works at Chrysalis Vineyards. It is amazing how quickly our Norton is coming on this year. Last week they were showing color, now they are all Norton purple. Pretty amazing stuff.

An excellent choice of wineries you visited, the only one I haven't been to is Carter Mountain.

Let me check with our wine-maker, Alan Kinne, to see what we have for harvest opportunities.

Reply by Jimmy Cocktail, Aug 9, 2010.

Just as a quick aside, if you like music with your wine we are having a Bluegrass Festival the weekend of Oct 2-3. ;-)

Reply by ChipDWood, Aug 9, 2010.

I have to get my schedule together, particularly for late-harvest time... but I gotta say that Chrysalis is one of those places I've been meaning to visit since first getting my hands on my first Virginia Claret.

Carter Mountain is an amazing place, and I'm glad I didn;t fall off of it so I am now able to spread the word.  There are some wineries/vinetards that lease land up there (high elevation, clay soils, easy math) that I plan on getting into in a week or so, so, ya know, more news coming.

Incidentally, one of the items we purchased during our trip- and the one that just blew me out of the frickin' water, was the 2007 Rappahannock Port-like, "Red Dessert Wine".  100% Norton, and smooth as silk but with a mid-palate that reminded me of, well, really I don;t think I've ever had anything like it.

One of those 'if you get a chance' things.

And I love Bluegrass.

We'll tawk.

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