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2007 A Benchmark CA Vintage?

Posted by Da Wine Dog, Feb 5, 2010.

I was recently talking to Mike Keenan, wine maker for Keenan Wines, St. Helena, CA (Napa Valley). I was asking him about the recent harvest and whether it was a landmark year, as many others have said. He said the harvest was good last year but nothing like 2007. That year the weather turned a bit rainy in the middle of the early harvest, warmed up and then got funky again towards the end. What he said was unique is when the weather cools the sugar drops and the acid rises which is what it did during the first bad spell. What was unique in 07 was in between the warming and then second cooling off, that sugars rose and so did acids, which is very unusual. He feels, as do some other that the 2007 wines on the market now are real keepers. Anyone else heard this?


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