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2006 Kosta Browne Kanzler Pinot

Posted by vinorojo, Mar 12, 2009.

Tried my first KB Pinot after meeting Dan Kosta last year. First off he was a super nice guy who seemed to be on the right path but...

I tasted the '06 kanzler vineyard pinot and it was quite frankly a pretty large disappointment. maybe I haven't tried their "good" wines but I was under the impression that after spending $130 on one bottle that is should be damn good. Unfortunately I was wrong, I got minimal fruit and what felt like a confused oak and clonal pairing. The result tasted like burning rubber bands, if this is cult wine than count me out. Again, the purpose is not to trash KB or their wine, obviously they are doing very well. Has anyone else out in Snoothland tasted this admittedly young pinot and had a different experience? Is there another KB wine that I should try?


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Mar 13, 2009.

I have not had this particular vintage of KB but your desription leads me to believe that it may have been exhibiting flaws. Mercaptans perhaps or just horribly reduced. Did the wine improve or change at all with air by an chance?

Reply by vinorojo, Mar 13, 2009.


No luck after some breathing time, in fact I didn't taste the wine at all until it was open for after about 2.5 hours, so it was well aerated. Perhaps your right with the reduction thing. If you happen to come across a bottle give it a taste and see what I mean.

Reply by MMason, Mar 20, 2009.

I have a bottle of this in my cellar. Unfortunately, I stocked up on KB's long before I tried a few. It's a strange paradox for me in that I love Pinots with some age on them so I wait to open them up. I really can't predict what the future of a wine will be when young, so I buy and hold. Now, I'm afraid I have more KB than I'd like to.

Reply by John Andrews, Mar 20, 2009.

The last time I tried a KB Pinot it reminded me too much of a Zin than a Pinot. I can't remember which one it was but it was dark, lots of fruit and pretty high in alcohol. These guys make some pretty good wines but the one I tried was not something I enjoyed.

Reply by vinorojo, Mar 23, 2009.

Yeah john,

I don't know what the deal is 'cause they have huge following and the bottle I tasted was downright gross and cost $130 bucks! I mean, they must make something tasty otherwise how could they enjoy the cult wine reputation? A suspicion is a lot of cellar manipulation is going on, a suspicion that is encouraged by your zin like pinot experience. hmmm.....

Reply by Adam Levin, Mar 24, 2009.

My one opportunity trying KB wines was less than impressive too. I used to really be into big CA pinot, but I've become tired of it.

Reply by vinorojo, Mar 25, 2009.

Get this:

I guess the Wine Specator just rated this wine 97 points! what the fuck are they drinking 'cause I tasted a 90 pt wine at best. This is one reason why I make every effort not to be a score whore like so many out there. I even heard of a little portable pocket PDA that will tell you the Parker score of the wine you put in so you can know what he thinks before you buy it. Has the whole world gone insane?

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Mar 25, 2009.


Well not the whole world.

Points are what they are. The slavish devotion to them and the conviction of people in their absoluteness is what is stupid.

The simple answer is

Drink what you like.

I remember being ridiculed for recommending an 81 point Spectator wine to a group years ago. I serve them a bottle of it every now and again just to rub it in their faces.

And that Mag of 1983 Stag's Leap we had at the OTBN dinner that I, and many others, thought was very good: 78 Parker points or there about.

No one is infallible, no one shares your palate, and no one knows what you like so ignore the points and enjoy the wine!

Reply by vinorojo, Mar 25, 2009.


I learned early on that most people are full of it. I drink according to my own pallet, it just frustrates me because I know that swaths of people are going to scratch and claw to get this wine and totally fall in love with it because of a high score, they've already made up their minds before drinking it. Can anyone say Sheeeeepppp!

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