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2006 Haut-Tropchaud

Posted by tub, Aug 4, 2010.

Looking for advice on when to drink this one. I am also interested in what this bottle is worth.

Thank you




Reply by dmcker, Aug 7, 2010.

The bottles are currently going for a little more than $40 retail in Europe. I haven't had the wine since the '90s, but if they're still making it the same way, it's an old-skool Pomerol with lots of oak. No way would I want to be drinking a bottle less than four years old.

When aged properly, the wine can be lushly rich, almost decadent. 2006 was a mixed vintage, but Pomerol did better than a lot of the rest of Bordeaux. I'd lay the bottle down and forget about it for five years or even more, assuming you have good storage conditions....

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