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2005 Burgundy Blind tasting

Posted by Gregory Dal Piaz, Nov 13, 2008.

I met with my new blind tasting group this past Tuesday and enjoyed a flight of 8 wines. I was surprised how approachable the wines were. I really expected more to be closed down for the long sleep but most remain accessible. I'm listing my ranking as well as the groups with the score for each wine, lower being better and representing the number of first, second, third, etc. place votes each wine received.

There were clear divisions between the wines at the top and the wines at the bottom as well as four fairly tightly bunched in the middle. Interestingly two of the middle wines, my first and seventh, were either hated or loved by members of the group. Their middling placement is somewhat deceptive since they were polarizing wines but such is the fault of averaging scores. In any event the wines, scores, and a brief overview follow. Complete reviews can be found on each wine's detail page.

Wine in order tasted (all from 2005)

Bouchard Beaune Greves Vigne de l'Enfant Jesus my 7th, groups 4th with 47 points
I thought this was perfectly fine but in a more modern, extracted style than I generally like. To me this came off as clumsy and simple with the tannins out of balance but others enjoyed the power and richness.

Ponsot Gevrey Chambertin Cuvee de l'Abeille my 1st, groups 6th with 51 points
This had incredible acidity, too much for many who found this sour and unbalanced. I found the cleansing acids incredibly refreshing and the wine had enough depth and complexity keep me engaged. Delicious!

Robert Chevillon Nuits-St-Georges Chaignots my 5th, groups 3rd with 46 points
This seemed rather oaked to me with plenty of plump, chunky fruit but a bit too soft. It was a very middle of the road style and a surprising showing for one of my favorite producers.

Comte Senard Corton en Charlemagne my 4th, groups 5th with 48 points
Displaying an absolutely delicate color in the glass this was the only wine tonight that could be called ready. Very expressive with a layered, classic array of flavors, this kept evolving through the evening.

Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin Craipillots my 6th, groups 8th with 66 points
This struck me as the most closed wine of the night so I'm not surprised with it's showing. It did exhibit moments of fine Gevrey dirt and forest floor but it was tough to really get a handle on this.

Domaine de Lambrays Clos des Lambrays my 2nd, groups 1st with 37 points.
This really had it all, depth, power, balance. It is very youthful still but it was universally admired. I loved the showy aromatics and great minerality that was a great contrast to the deep, sweet fruit. Excellent stuff!

Robert Arnoux Nuits- St-Georges Poisets my 3rd, groups 2nd with 39 points
This showed a very oaky character in a powerful style but still managed to be perfumed and had a lovely bitter/sweet contrast that helped to integrate the oak. Not exactly my style but undeniably very good.

Lamarche Clos Vougeots my 8th, groups 7th with 57 points
This just smelled nasty to me for much of the night. Very intense Floral notes smelled like Pyrithium roach spray! I hated the nose but the palate didn't do much for me anyway. A mediocre bottle.


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