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2004 Chapelle St Arnoux Gigondas

Posted by Jimmy Cocktail, Aug 4, 2009.

I've posted a review of the 2004 Chapelle St Arnoux Gigondas in my blog and here on Snooth. Enjoy!


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Aug 4, 2009.

Nice write up on the Gigondas. I like the 2004's, keep on eye on them at close-outs, precisely because they are ripe enough but not too ripe, thus making them food wines as opposed to that wine in the afternoon wine!

With a more acclaimed 2005 vintage and that remarkably hyped 2007's arriving you should be able to find 04s and 06s, another balanced but not blockbuster vintage, on closeout at very attractive prices.

Definitely worth keeping an eye out for if you're a Grenache lover.

Reply by GregT, Aug 4, 2009.

Gigondas is actually a pretty well-known appellation that's getting much more expensive every year. Wines that I used to pay $18 for are now $30 and up. However, you picked a value-producer and the importer of your wine looks for exactly those types of wines.

I had the basic Cotes du Ventoux last night and I think it's one of the better values on the market. If I'm not mistaken it's mostly grenache, with a really nice ashy and earthy quality, great balance, and ripe red fruit. Not tannic, just easy drinking and the earthy notes give it a little more complexity than it would otherwise have. Had the Gigondas about five days ago. It was also good, but of the two, I'm sticking with this one esp as it's even cheaper. They have a few other bottlings too. That's a producer to watch.

If you like those kinds of wines, Vacqueyras is kind of where Gigondas was a few years ago, i.e. it will be expensive in another ten years.


Reply by Jimmy Cocktail, Aug 4, 2009.

Gregory and GregT, thanx for the info. As you can tell, I get wine, but there are layers of information surrounding each wine that can help make informed decisions that I just haven't plugged into yet. That's one of the things I joined Snooth for and so far you haven't disappointed.

Of course, one person can only try so many wines so having you guys around really helps.

Reply by GregT, Aug 4, 2009.

It was just ironic that I was sitting here with the empty bottle on the table and I saw your note! You gotta try the Cotes du Ventoux - it's really just amazing for the price. Nobody talks about this producer, maybe because the prices aren't high enough, so it's still a find.

The south Rhone has been on a tear since 1998. The only vintage that missed was 2002 because some of the vineyards were under water. (Like that should matter?)

But of the other years, some are much riper, some not as ripe, but none were green and you picked what is becoming my house wine this summer.


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