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2001 Ornellaia

Posted by GhostLemur, Mar 24, 2010.

Need some quick fire opinions on whether this is a good buy. And also whether it's a buy and drink now, or a buy and cellar for a while to come.

I've been given the oportunity to buy some 2001 Tenuta Dell'Ornellaia for $NZ190 ($US130ish). It's a short offer, my local seller is doing a bit of a clear out. They have it as an RRP of $NZ260. Looked at wine-searcher and it has the 2001 at over $NZ500. Compared to the vintages around it, it's way more expensive. The tasting notes (2005 onwards) that I've seen highly rate it too.

So would like some thoughts.


Reply by GregT, Mar 24, 2010.

Haven't had it any time recently.  Had it on release and had the most recent release a month ago.

I had no idea that it was selling for such lofty prices these days. I should have savored my glass a little more!  I think that vintage was in the top 10 wines of the year for Wine Spectator at one point but don't remember exactly when.

Is it a good wine?  Hell yes.  Is it worth the prices I just saw when I looked it up?  Hell no.  Those prices are completely insane and unjustified by what's in the bottle.  But that's my opinion on most wines going for upwards of $200 a bottle, at which point you're no longer paying for the juice, you're paying for the name.

In relative terms, you get a bargain at your price.  In absolute terms, it's your own judgement but I gave you my opinion.  If people are actually willing to pay what it seems they are, I'd buy as many as I could at your price and flip them. If you don't someone else will.  Plus that way you'll get some for yourself at a more reasonable price.

It's got great body and a rather lean quality, unlike something you'd get from say, Napa.  Long tart finish and really round tannins, no green notes at all but not overripe or jammy in the least.  The area is truly one of the best in the world for merlot and cab franc IMO, as they seem to achieve the closest to perfection there, at least for my taste.

For the people who say merlot is a second-rate grape, this is an example of how silly such comments are.  It's a world class wine all the way, including the hype.

Reply by amour, Mar 24, 2010.

Do not forget to check out 2006 ANTINORI TIGNANELLO

which retails at less than $100. in the U.S.A.

The 1997 cost around $200. or even more ...Of course it is double decanted before serving.

What might you pair your ORNELLAIA with?

Reply by Nicki Gig, Mar 24, 2010.

GhostLemur, definitely worth the buy!  It's awesome

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