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2001 La Closerie de Fourtet

Posted by ChipDWood, Sep 20, 2011.

Though only a small portion of the final blend, the Cabernet Franc rises from the glass in a dance with the silky elements of the St.-Emilion Merlot that gracefully weave their way into the mix.  If there is a nose that can pair with a season; the bright-yet-earthy aromas from La Closerie de Fourtet would be the perfect fit with fall.

Given time to breath the wine moves over the palate with deep cherry, cassis, and chewy blackberry.  Broad yet beautifully balanced, the finish reveals the value and vindication in being patient.

Good stuff, and another example of a second label proving to be the affordable & reliable option.


Reply by GregT, Sep 20, 2011.

So are you going to make it to NYC in Oct?  See the thread "Drinking Greg's Wine".  We have some west coast reps showing up - we need to show them some east coast love!  And hell, bring that Fourtet!

Reply by duncan 906, Sep 21, 2011.

I have also had some pleasure from affordable second wines including a St Emillion.I paid 25 pounds earlier this year for two bottles of 1996 Clos Canon,the second wine of Chateau Canon a well known St Emillion Grand Cru and I have to say it is one of the best right bank clarets I have tasted.My internet reseach has revealed that it is made from the same grapes,grown in the same vineyard as the Grand Vin and the only difference is that the Grand Vin gets new oak barrels while Clos Canon has to make do with those used for the previous years Grand Vin.I also paid 60 pounds for six bottles of 2004  Chateau Haut Padarnac which I enjoyed very much,This is the second wine of Chateau Pedesclaux a fifth growth Paullic which would have cost three times as much.Last year I only paid two pounds for a bottle of 1999 Marquis de Calon,the second wine of Calon-Segur the well known and expensive St Estephe and it went down very well with dinner on Christmas Eve.I have recently paid 12.50 for a bottle of Carmes de Rieussec the second wine of Chateau Rieussec a Classed Growth  Sauternes but I have not drunk it as I intend giving it to my sister

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