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1961 Red for bday gift

Posted by jenijm, Mar 29, 2011.


My boss turns 50 this June and his wife is looking for a 1961 red wine (not too picky about varietal) in the $200 range to give as a gift. Any suggestions?

I think I read that '61 was a good year for Bordeauxs, but I haven't seen too many that weren't a lot more expensive.



Reply by Stephen Harvey, Mar 30, 2011.

Sadly getting a good 61 Boreaux for <$200 will be a struggle.

Maybe get some recommendations and then present the options to his wife, including price.

If she truly loves him she will spend the money!!!!

Reply by dmcker, Mar 30, 2011.

'61 was an absolutely great year for Bordeaux. And yes, recognized as such by the marketplace. Unfortunately it'll still be easier to find healthy Bordeaux reds than similarly healthy bottles from other regions, whether California or Italy or Spain. The latter two areas will generally be cheaper, though.

'61 was a very good year for Barolo (nebbiolo), but they'll be the priciest of the Italians. It was also a quite good year for Brunello (sangiovese), which should be a little cheaper. Both wines, if from reputable producers, should still be in their prime, assuming proper storage.

It was only a 'good' (not very good or great) year in Rioja, and since the only Ribera del Duero offering for that year I can quickly find is a Vega Sicilia Unico, I think we might best give Spain a miss for the purposes of this discussion.

Not-too-picky... does that mean sweet white dessert wines like sauternes and tokajis and trockenbeerenauslese rieslings, as well as ports and madeiras and other fortifieds, are also OK?

Will wait to hear back from you before making specific reccs based on what's currently out in the marketplace.

Final comment, provenance is all for wines this old. Where and how were they stored by whom, and what is the condition of the bottle. You should get good answers to all such questions before considering any purchase.


Reply by jenijm, Apr 1, 2011.

Thanks so much for your help. I think he/she is looking for a basic red, not dessert or fortified, but isn't too picky about which varietal.

I shall pass on your info about Bordeauxs as well as the Italians. In my initial search, I did find some reasonably priced Barolos. Any makers you recommend I look for specifically?

Thanks again.

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