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Posted by Philip James, Sep 6, 2007.

I just took a look through our analytics package to get some sense of where are users are based. No huge surprise - we're very strong in the US, particularly the wine drinking/producing regions. As expected - that is where we launched and where all the live stores and wineries are located.

Europe, particularly Germany (thanks to our mention in the online version of Speigel, Europe's biggest newspaper), France and the UK (thanks Decanter!) are also strong. Good news for you loyal Euros is that we've already begun to sign up stores in those three countries as well as others on the continent. Just give us a few weeks, or so, to work through the 600+ merchant backlog and get everyone live.

As an avid traveler (nearly 50 countries myself) what really caught my eye was the fact that we're being used by people in over 100 countries, 116 in fact. I don't know how many countries there are (even the UN can't decide), but its in the 180-225 region. That means that 60+ countries have yet to log on...

Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Pitcairn users? Where are you...


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