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10% Off An Evening with Rosenthal Wine Merchants & Frank Stitt

Posted by Rob Gordon, Mar 11, 2009.

Italy and the American South are two regions with strong traditions of the "cucina povera" (peasant cooking) that turns humble ingredients —ground corn, bitter greens, creamy beans, cured pork, the daily catch—into poetry on the plate. Frank Stitt pays homage to both of these areas in his Birmingham, Alabama restaurant Bottega and in his gorgeously illustrated cookbook Bottega Favorita. He's a man inspired, and believes that the comforting nature of Southern food is a perfect mate to the elegantly humble foodways of Italy. "Cooking from an Italian point of view is a little like going back to a more ancient style of cooking—elemental and primal in its purity and simplicity, where an unadorned slice of rosy prosciutto is savored with a meltingly tender ripe purple fig", he says in the introduction to Bottega Favorita.

Frank will bring this cuisine to life in The Study, where he'll prepare classics from the restaurant while talking you through the techniques of his cuisine and his choice of ingredients. Additionally, each course he serves will be paired with a wine from Rosenthal Wine Merchants, a merchant of wines selected for concentration, purity of flavors, and clarity of expression and produced in as natural a manner as possible, and a favorite supplier of wine to all of Chef Stitt's restaurants.

In addition to a meal of dishes cooked in front of your eyes and carefully chosen wines, a copy of Bottega Favorita ($40.00 retail) is included in the ticket price, and an opportunity for personalization will be provided.

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