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  • Your dry sense of humor would make a wine maker proud.So, if my sense of humor is dry, what would you conclude about its alcohol level? Can I call her Patricia instead of Mrs, Emark?That's fine, Al, but not in front of Peggy, please. I'm sorry, Al.  It was just to easy Read More

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  • EM -  'That bottle is now gone.  It must have been pretty good.'  This had me laughing so much I almost had to run to the restroom.  Your dry sense of humor would make a wine maker proud.  So your wife (Can I call her Patricia instead of Mrs, Emark?) has turned the corner on wines and now appreciates the reds.  That is a big step for some people... Read More

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  • Caves d'Eclans Whispering Angel Rose 2014


    Those whispering angels can be very persuasive..taking an unassuming wine and whispering notions of heavenly nectar through the mind and across the palate. Very intoxicating! Who knew Heavens Gate was located in Provence, France where these grapes were grown?Primarily Grenache with a smidge of Vermentino and Cinsault. Bright salmon in color with... Read More

    Wine review by WineSplash

  • Quinta Do Crasto Douro Reserva 2007


    This acclaimed Douro Tinto was purchased some years back (perhaps 5 years ago). The strength of the wine has not really diminished much with age - there is a hint of oak on the nose, a deep, deep red colour and a strong scent of cherries and anise. The entry has a sense of homemade crock-fermented red currants - smooth but warm (15% alcohol BV... Read More

    Wine review by zufrieden

  • Dessert wines are often saved for the winter holidays when we tend to linger at the table with our family and friends, but summer brings its own set of celebrations that are perfect for opening a bottle of something sweet. As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, it's a perfect time to head outdoors for a picnic, barbeque or dinner party on t... Read More

    From the article The Sweet Taste of Summer

  • You've heard the experts calling for magnums of Rosé to be poured ... quickly re-calibrated her wine sense, pointing out that orange wines aren't actually made from oranges but have their hue because winemakers allow the wine's white grapes to stay in contact with their skins during the production process. So there she was, amid Brooklyn's win... Read More

    From the article Orange Before Rose: Why the Pink Lady Should Be Replaced

  • British Airways is making a case for being a purveyor of fine wine at 30,000 feet.  The London-based airline picked up a few awards at the Cellar in the Sky Awards earlier this year. To get a sense of how the airline chooses its wine and how that wine gets from the earth to the vine and finally to the storage compartments of commercial airliners... Read More

    From the article Flavorful Wines & Friendly Skies: Reporter Tracks Wine From Vine To Flight

  • Led by an interesting trio of China, India and Vietnam, countries in the continent of Asia are unashamedly enamored with wine.  This past week, China Daily correspondent Krishna Kumar explored the burgeoning tastes of Asian drinkers in an article titled, “Asia Develops a Taste for Wine.”  Like many reporters before him, Kumar pointed out that th... Read More

    From the article Asia Set to Be World's Biggest Wine Consumer in 2018

  • The world of statistics and science becomes a very interesting realm when wine – or any type of alcohol for that matter – is thrown into the mix.  Recent research has shown that drinking a certain amount of booze makes people more attractive, while compounds in red wine have amazing healing powers. Yet too much wine has all sorts of negative eff... Read More

    From the article Napa Valley Naughty? Paper Posits Napa Drinkers Prefer Beer

  • From deep in the recesses of a gourmet restaurant does the reserve wine list come, a mythical collection of ultra-fancy quaffers pulled from a secret corner like the sword from the stone.  While the Sword in the Stone is a verifiable mythical story, the reserve wine list is not, though it is fast become the stuff of legend and less the stuff of ... Read More

    From the article The Reserve Wine List: An Artifact From a Different Era?

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