Surdyks Liquor Store

+1 612 379-3232 303 E Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55414
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We've waited all winter for a glimpse of what all Minnesotan's treasure: the relaxing times on a summer patio. This class is all about tasting a bit of those sunny days right around the corner! We'll try some bright, expressive wines from around the world that will complement summer cuisine. You'll easily impress your friends with your knowledge and taste after learning about these great summer wines! Shorts and sandals optional. Surdyk's Liquor store is every connoisseur's dream. In business since 1934 and run by three generations of the Surdyk family, its wide assortment of cheeses, wines, liquors, beers and cigars, combined with the store's superior service and knowledgeable staff, keep customers strolling down the many aisles of this Minneapolis store. Joseph Surdyk, grandfather of current owner Jim Surdyk, started the store soon after the end of Prohibition. Joseph figured that selling liquor, in addition to groceries, would help bolster the family income. So when the Minneapolis City Council approved the first legal liquor sales on January 26, 1934, he bought his license with $200 of borrowed money, and on February 2, 1934, set up the first Surdyk's Liquor store at 219 East Hennepin. In those Read more »

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