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PJ Wine, Inc. is one of the leading fine wine and spirit retailers in the United States. Based in New York City, PJ Wine was founded in 1991 by wine connoisseur, Peter Yi. PJ's mission is simple: source the best wines from around the world and showcase them to fine wine customers both locally and nationally at very competitive prices. PJ's makes the extra effort to select the best wines in each category—whether through visiting wineries from the top winemaking regions in the world, attending trade tastings or holding our own regular staff tastings. That way we can offer you knowledgable service based on first hand understanding of the wines we sell—and at the same time keep the clinkers off our shelves. We make every effort to make wine shopping fast, easy and pleasurable. In the unlikely event an issue comes up with your order our aim is to resolve it quickly and without fuss. In sum, our goal is to provide you with the very best wines and wine values in every category at great prices with great Read more »

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  • Dom Peri doesn't really do it for me, either.  Nothing made by Moet et Chandon has really wowed me, in France or here.  For less money, I'll take a P-J Belle Epoque.  Or Taittinger, or Billecart-Salmon, or a bunch of things.  For way less, Pierre Paillard (grower stuff) wowed me recently. Speaking of underwhelming wines, I had two bottles of Roa... Read More

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  • And what a timely post. I bought a coffee today and the blonde with the nose ring who made it for me seemed to have an accent. I noticed she was reading the biography of Hunter and I asked where she was from. Denmark, and they don't have people like him over there, she replied. Only Americans produce people like that. She was fascinated by him a... Read More

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  • D, you'll like this one. Read More

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  • Hello all, Interested to know what your favorite bottle or label designs are on a wine. Thinking a little outside the box here, not just pretty and aesthetically pleasing but pushing the boundaries of what is 'expected' for a wine. Here's my list:Wine & Design: 25 Incredibly Creative Wine Bottle Designs  Read More

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  • Hey all,  I'm really just getting started with wine but i've been drinking/tasting seriously for about a year now. I will be graduating in a couple of weeks and I figure it is a good opportunity to buy my first batch expensive bottles since normally i dont exceed $25 in my tasting.Since it is my graduation, excessive drinking is likely to take p... Read More

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  • I heard somewhere that white wines should be stored at the bottom of the home wine rack rather than at the top. Supposedly whites like it cooler (the old heat rises, cold falls theory), Now I know that wine's enemy is heat and changing temperatures, My wine rack is a 44 bottle system which stands about 4 feet high and I do keep the whites on the... Read More

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  • Feb. 15, 2012 – After reports of Dr. Dipak Das allegedly falsifying research on the health benefits of red wine and resveratrol shook the wine community last month, a new study comes to rescue the chemical’s reputation.The study, performed by the National Institutes of Health, found evidence that resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine, may pr... Read More

    From the article New Study Attempts to Unravel Resveratrol Mysteries

  • I was listening to someone on the radio talking about Spanish Rioja and how there is some movement over the last few years in the new world modern style Rioja producers to favour French barrels to tone down the harshness, earthiness and spice to produce a wine with perhaps more elegance, sophistication, his words not mine. Personally I enjoy bot... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Rioja Barrels

  • That's what i'm going to uncork tomorrow. • Marguet - Champagne Blanc de Noir (100% pinot noir) Brut s.a.• Tocai 1994 - Kabaj Morel (Slovenia)• Calabrone 2007 - Bastianich (yes it's Joe Bastianich winery, just 10 miles from home) blend of Refosco 70%, Schippettino/Pignolo/Merlot 10%• Moscato d'Autunno 2010 - Saracco (Piedmont) What's yours?Happy... Read More

    Forum post in the topic What's your pick for Christmas?

  • Just a quick posting on a tasting we did last week.  We've been celebrating our tenth anniversary, and I stockpiled 2001s.  Good thing it was a strong vintage in so many places.  Of course, the 2001 Gran Reservas from Rioja are, in some cases, just hitting the market and are terrific values. We celebrated with a bottle we bought in the first cou... Read More

    Forum post in the topic 2001 Cal. Cab v. Bordeaux

  • I searched Snooth.com to find my favorite Malbec Durigutti 2008 vintage. Found PJ's Wine had it. I emailed them with a few questions and was promptly answered (I was having a hard time navigating the website to order). After my questions were answered I was able to navigate the website without any difficulty and promptly ordered a case of wine. ...

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