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  • We've had a relationship with wine for several millennia and counting. This relationship has been documented in a number of ways, but so much has been lost to the ravages of time. Gaps in history leave wine culture open to interpretation, but with the dawn of modern media things have changed. Whether we like it or not, modern media will help us ... Read More

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  • "The wine business in the U.S. has spent almost 100 years teaching us that we have to buy wine in a 750 ml bottle with a cork, and you don’t undo that overnight."That's wrong of course - the standard was set at 750ml in the US only in 1979. The Europeans standardized on that to get into the US market, which as you know wasn't all that big at the... Read More

    Forum post in the topic The future of wine packaging.

  • Well, I stopped at Total Wine and found two of the Affinity vintages, the 2013 and the 2011.  The 2012 was long gone.  Since the 2011 was significantly cheaper, I bought it and I am now enjoying that wine while thinking about the new car I signed for this afternoon at the Chevy dealership in-between my Cat Tuesday feedings.  Yes, a very busy day... Read More

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  • VB is nasty but popular - all its advertising targets working class particularly the image of the male construction workerMy understanding is that cans have a relatively short shelf life as the "ring pull seals are not perfect and the chemicals in all drinks will eventually react with the metal, whereas glass is fairly inert and screw caps have ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic The future of wine packaging.

  • Wine isn't about engineering something out of various ingredients.It's the result of fermented grapes and terroir has much to do with it.  It's what the location and ground give the grapes.  Weather and tending also have impacts. There shouldn't be manipulation by chemists to make it something other than what the good earth gives you.This is why... Read More

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  • How much wine is enough for you? (of course it depends on the purpose of drinking):)How much is too much?How do you find a balance? Read More

    Forum post in the topic What is Your Wine Norm

  • Japanese hot spring baths should be given World Heritage recognition, IMHO. They are all over this volcanic country and are really special places to relax, both outdoors and indoors (especially when combined with expert shiatsu massage, Al, and with often very good multi-course Japanese meals thrown in). Some of the world's longest-running desti... Read More

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  • Remember, Greg, there are no bad vintages, only bad bottles. Wait, guess they didn't even have bottles back then! Something out of amphorae, a la Gravner? But remember, this was with a guy who could wave his hand and change water into wine, so it might've been magical stuff, after all. The Holy Grail would be even more worth finding if you could... Read More

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  • Stephen, you're a Bridge player?My opinion, FWIW, Paul, is that Hillary would've been a good president, even with all her warts. Light years ahead of the Trump debacle. She was just utter shite as a campaigner, almost criminally so as we see what her ineptitude left us. Bernie would've been an interesting president but I never could see how he w... Read More

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  • Obviously, storage facility/apparatus.  Also, of course, glasses.  Other than that, just a bunch of corkscrews.  I am giving serious thought to investing in one of those high-dollar Durands.  I'm getting tired of dealing with crumbling corks on older wines, and it looks like the Durand may help a lot.Oh, I just thought of a couple more things.  ... Read More

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