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  • So several years ago while touring the CA wine country I came across a nice place where I liked both the proprieters and the wine. I signed up for their monthly wine club. A month later instead of getting my wine I get a notice that they can't ship to MA. Somehow I remained on their mailing list and now they can ship to MA so I ordered my very f... Read More

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  • Well, since Costco does not hold on to their inventory very long, I'd better try one of the Monsantos that I picked up the other day to see if I want more. OK, not a great wine, but, heck, for $17/bottle a darned good one.  On entry I get a muted blackberry thing.  Not "in your face."  That's a good thing.  As the wine moves back I'm thinking th... Read More

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  • Hello all,I'm new here and a beginner as far as wines go. I have one (full unopened 750 ml) bottle of 1982 Chateau Lafite Rothschild that I'd like to sell and am seeking the best way to do so without being taken advantage of. Can anyone offer any assistance or advice?I'm located in Arizona and would prefer a face to face buyer if possible but no... Read More

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  • Over here when you buy chicken livers you get the hearts. As expected with a commercial product that's not kill-fresh, they can be tough. I end up using them separately from the livers, usually chopping them and throwing them in a bolognese, or something similar a la Indienne (Keema, etc.) or even some Chinese stirfry (when I first traveled outs... Read More

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  • Happy Halloween, wine lover! This hallowed holiday isn't just for kids. Adults can and should enjoy their favorite Halloween candies with a little bit of wine. Wine and Halloween candy pairings may be contrived, but that doesn't make them any less fun. In fact, these pairings are quite complex. They are a fine and delicate art not suited to the ... Read More

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  • Had some friends over and maybe got a little carried away but had a great time consuming some nice wine and chowing down on some great pizza.Started off with a couple bottles of Rose (hey it was in the 80's here today) one from Sancerre and another from Roussillon, then on to the Dumol chard. Pulled the pizzas out of the oven and popped the Bedr... Read More

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  • Partridge, grouse and woodcock were the other birds I later hunted after my first four. Woodcock are small but tasty.  ;-)Bear can be surprisingly good but also can be horrid--all depends on what it's been eating, not that I've ever gone out of my way to chase it down during any part of my life. What I've eaten has kinda fallen in the pot. That ... Read More

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  • Came across this web page for Snooth, thought it was interesting.Who's applying? Read More

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  • Step it up, guys!  No one bought anything in three days? I sent my father to the new Total Wine and More up here to pick up some Bourbon for me--one each of Henry McKenna 10-year old, Elijah Craig "Small Batch"  (really the old 12 year, but they have been discouraged from giving age by the feds), and one of Larceny, a wheater that is trying to s... Read More

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  • Foxall's Pinot Throwdown, seems longer. Read More

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