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  • Have you discovered the joys of sipping your rum neat, or are you only mixing it into cocktails? Both are certainly delicious ways to enjoy rum. However if you’re not yet familiar with expressions that can be sipped much like one would scotch you’re missing out. I recently returned from spending some time in Venezuela visiting Diplomático, one o... Read More

    From the article When You Run Out of Wine: Rum for a Change

  • Big Al isn't afraid of online purchases - we belong to eight wine clubs and get shipments in the spring and fall each year.  I know the counter people at UPS and FedEx on a first-name basis.  I order periodically from WTSO too, but not in the summer time because of the heat and humidity.  The wine clubs wont ship out here in the summer either.  ... Read More

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  • This VT I attended tonight really didn't do much to reduce the doubts about the quality of the wine in the bottle.  Hell, are there plenty of wineries out there that commission artists to work on their label presentation, but the art work doesn't sell the wine. There's one other thing that raised a red flag for me personally - for $100 a bottle ... Read More

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  • If staying at a hotel, use the ice buckets to chill it before drinking.  Use a fridge or put it in front of the air conditioner, if one exists.  Storing for a handful of days at 74 F isn't a big deal, but makes it too warm to drink and really enjoy, so you do need to cool it. If you forget to take out of the fridge, you can also just cup the win... Read More

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  • MJET - What is even better is when a $25 bottle drinks like a $50 $60 bottle. Robert Craig is something I've not tried though it's been offered.  Have you, or anybody else for that matter, tried before and what did you think?VV - I'm looking for a site that I get decent shipping on a bottle of the Grenache blend.  RRV is in the bank. I'm in the ... Read More

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  • Glad to see the picture issue has been resolved. Here are a few more shots that I really liked. We were only able to check out a very small portion of the wine route which stretches North to South for about 100 km.View from our apartment.Colmar -   Self serve pizza -   Strasbourg  All in all, a great trip with fantastic friends in an awesome set... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Trip Report - Alsace France

  • I'm with D - put them all in the fridge and then go enjoy the beach. If you forget to pull them out early enough when you're ready to drink, hold them in some hot water for a few minutes. I do it all the time.BTW - I like your style.Three days, six bottles!THAT'S how we do it!  Read More

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  • Put all the wine at the bottom of your refrigerator? Pull as needed and allow to warm-up a bit before drinking.....Leave them out at room temp which would be 74-75 degrees for me? And give them a quick 15 min cooling before drinking.....   Read More

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  • Okay, today was day one of North Berkeley Imports' warehouse sale. DMcker hipped me to it a few years back. It happens more or less every year at more or less this time.  (Last year a little later, but in June.)  The deal is you get 30% of retail if you buy a case, 40% off if you buy two cases, 50% if you buy three or more.  Last year I bought t... Read More

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  • I did not really know much about wine when I started my junior year abroad studying in Strasbourg, France. At the time I was far more worried about the inebriating effect of wine than I was about aromas of pear skin or tayberry jam. In fact, I was more of a beer guy then, and I can recall several instances when a group of us would stop by the ga... Read More

    From the article There is Nothing Bourgeois about Cru Bourgeois

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