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  • "And harder to remove it. I used to drop five pounds in a weekend no problem, without really reducing my intake."Up to even a decade ago that was the case. Two decades ago or earlier a long weekend of climbing or tournaments in warm Asian countries or intense ocean sports meant increasing the voraciousness of food consumption and still losing 10... Read More

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  • Drizzling olive oil over the roasted veggies make them even more friendly to reds. Think about what people eat where the wine has been produced the longest. Certainly legume dishes, mushrooms, various potatoes and squash, as Greg mentions. Italian and Greek dishes (and Turkish and 'Balkan' and Spanish and southern French and Levantine, too) can ... Read More

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  • I was a vegetarian for many years, and I'd say more of what I ate went with white.  But strong umami flavors are still out there, like mushrooms, that can handle reds.  With less obvious fat in the diet, tannins aren't as appealing, so pinot, grenache and the like can be more appealing.  But stronger flavored squashes and the like and things tha... Read More

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  • Hey fellow Snoothers,Haven't written in quite a while due to a slow down in wine consumption.Reason being I have switched my diet to Vegan, that means for those of you who don't know I do not consume any meat, poultry, pork, beef, fish. I also have discontinued all forms of Dairy.I did this for many reasons. Upon initiating it for more than a ye... Read More

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  • One thing about the old Barolos that Chambers sells:  Go back far enough and there's no traditionalist vs. modernist concern.  It's all traditional.  That said, Jamie is pretty careful about provenance, buying small quantities from collectors and tasting them himself (we did quite a bit of it on the trip in 2014, as he was checking out a couple ... Read More

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  • Just a few short weeks before Bordeaux En Primeur 2016, I found myself back in Bordeaux to re-taste the 2015 vintage. Bordeaux’s 2015 vintage is proving to be quite fascinating. Some are shouting from the rafters that it is the best vintage since 2010, and even possibly 2005, while whispers of trepidation persist in dark corners. Furthermore, th... Read More

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  • I haven't played in this conversation for a while, mostly, because most of my purchases, lately, have been daily drinkers from places like Costco and Trader Joe's.Today we were over in Gardena.  Gardena does not have many claims to fame:  it was, I believe, the first community in Southern California to allow card casinos, it was the location of ... Read More

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  • I announced it elsewhere, but I had been thinking about an offline in July. Looks like that might not be the best time after all, so I'm asking for suggestions, and looking for suggestions for themes.  I'm thinking either rare-ish grapes grown outside their traditional areas (Nebbiolo from Mexico?  Ribolla Gialla from Napa?) or maybe one of the ... Read More

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  • Well that's a bullshit map, in historical, cultural, ethnic, geopolitical and enological terms. It's also twisted a bit. Who cobbled it together??Cut out Greece, Turkey and Hungary and we're getting closer to what has been referred to in the most contexts during the 20th Century as 'The Balkans'. The former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Romania, basi... Read More

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  • Here's a link to the 2017 Wine Enthusiast Vintage Chart, in case you would like to see it.Yesterday started off very well with a long massage, followed by a nice halibut meal at Seasons 52.  It continued to be nice when we stopped at the Eno Wine Bar in Georgetown (the district) for a glass and a few meats / cheeses.  However, then it was a 3+ h... Read More

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