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  • Okay, we're counting down to the end of the year.  With three drinking weeks left, start nominating your wines of the year.  And, if you like, nominate a wine experience of the year. I'm going to have to think about the WOTY for a while, and I'll update this OP as things occur to me, but I'm going to say it wasn't a year full of head turning win... Read More

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  • VV, I'm a cheapskate, so I don't think of $30 as inexpensive... except when it comes to Barolo and some of the better Barbaresco.  That was a LastBottle offering.  I think farther up the thread, I mentioned another one of their offerings for 2011 Cascina Luisin Barbaresco Rabaja. My other source for Barolo deals has been They have sold... Read More

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  • Hi all,I tried grilled mushrooms along with Merlot wine.. It was yummy.. Sorry. I said that i'll be tasting another wine this time, but I was out of control and ordered Merlot wine again. But this time, along with mushroom it was delicious.. I'll try Banana with my wine.. Thank you all.. Read More

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  • To celebrate the. Buck hanging in my garage from this morning' hunt, I decided to be brave and saber the 25 year old Cooks that was recently found in my basement. Yep Cooks, you heard that correct. Plenty of pressure and a clean break. Nice bubbles and a golden almost not quite pinkish hue. Very earthy with a hint of cranberry. I like it. Cheap ... Read More

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  • OT, not you?  Okay, it's Dmcker, which I can figure out even with my bad Spanish. And D, second night?  What do you mean?  We decanted it and wife and I fought over the last bit like Dick and Liz in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"  Tannic Zin = perfect for lamb chops with orzo and salad with persimmons, a seasonal fave. No, DV, I am not joking... Read More

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  • After an afternoon of writing out some (for me) big dollar checks, I need an attitude adjustment.  For me that means a big, in-your-face Zinfandel.  This one should do the trick: There are a couple of lessons to be learned from this wine.First of all, yes, wines do change in the bottle.  I had one of these a little over a year ago, and it was--a... Read More

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  • Kathy, the problem with the link is that it's factually wrong. Let's start with this:"So, oxidation happens quicker when the temperature is higher, while gases diffuse into liquids more rapidly with lower temperatures."Diffusion is temperature-dependent. It's kinetic energy causing random motion. At warmer temperatures, the motion is faster. Thu... Read More

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  • Kathy,When your friend takes you and orders the wine, try to not look at the bottle.  Have it opened and poured without knowing what it is.  Take a good couple of deep sniffs and think about what you're smelling.  Take a sip and let it get all over your tongue, swallow it and again think about what sensations you're getting and try to detect som... Read More

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  • I always detect a little banana when the wine went through carbonic maceration.  I'm no pro, it's just a chemical consequence of the process, and I'm more sensitive to that aroma than other folks.  I'm not particularly sensitive to other stuff, but that profile doesn't hide from me very well.  So, virtually all Beaujolais, some CdP, and scattere... Read More

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  • Kathy: I can't really tell exactly when I became aware of wine because my parents, including my ex-communicated Mormon mother, let us have a small amount with Sunday dinner from the time I was young.  There are always steps along the road--a wine that makes you want to know more generally; a wine or event that makes you interested in new kinds o... Read More

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