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  • Any input?  It's on sale at KL, and my knowledge of French wines is still evolving.  But I am a huge Grenache fan, and this one is 70% grenache.... Read More

    Forum post in the topic 2004 Domaine La Roquète...

  • Man, you like to cut it close, don’t you? Waiting till the last minute can net you some great discounts, but it can also leave you holding the bag. And that bag is empty, my friend. Well, don’t fret, we’re not going to let your holiday end with a whimper. Make sure you give some banging gifts, even if they’re destined to be virtual at this point... Read More

    From the article 6 Last-Minute Online Wine Gifts

  • I am always open to trying a new white, but I am always disappointed. I am wondering if it is the variety's of white I try possibly? I think I have all but ruled out a chardonnay and sauvignon Blanc, both, when I try them the flavours allude me and all I taste is well ... gross.As an example: I was at a wine event and tasted " Luis Pato 2007 Vin... Read More

    Forum post in the topic What is a good white for...

  • Dessert wines rarely seem to get their due. The idea of finishing one’s meal with something sweet is pretty common, so it is surprising how little dessert wine I see passed around tables, or even discussed for that matter. I think the facts that a little goes a long way (which means a bottle may rarely be finished), and most people seem pretty s... Read More

    From the article 7 Sweet Dessert Wines

  • Syrah is the most food friendly wine, why don't Americans embrace it? Read More

    Forum post in the topic Syrah is the most food...

  • Hi all.  As the holidays approach I feel a need for recommendations in the el cheapo style.  My neighbor is hosting xmas dinner, and I agreed to bring the alcohol.  But there will be about 40 people there, most of whom know nothing about wine, so they want me to bring something cheap but not spit-out-worthy.My neighbor really likes Cabs, and all... Read More

    Forum post in the topic A decent Cab for $10?

  • Still in my early days of wine appreciation, i've spent most of my time sifting through california wines but feel like I have enough of a handle on CA at this point and am ready to explore some new world-renown regions.  Have spent some time tasting CDR's from France, with mixed results - but this region seems pretty straight forward.So with tha... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Bordeaux & Brunello...

  • With the holidays in full swing I know we’re all looking for gifting guidance. Sometimes the hardest gifts to buy are those for the people you know the least: your doorman, hairdresser, letter carrier, or assistant. While cash is always appreciated, adding a nice bottle of wine personalizes the gift in a way cash never could.Understanding that w... Read More

    From the article 10 Holiday Gift Wines Under $15

  • We are having this for lunch on Christmas day and I'd like some fresh ideas for a red and white. I was going for the predictable California Cab and Chardonnay, but decided to see what else others would recommend. I am in the mood to try something new. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Surf & Turf dilemma

  • Black Stump Verdelho/Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio Still Australia Other Australian Other White 2007


    The wine hails from the catch-all area of South Eastern Australia (New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, and parts of Queensland and South Australia), so there's not much sense of place to be gained here. Given all this, it's easy to imagine this wine as a throw-it-all-in-and-see sort of thing, but actually it's very focused and there's nothing c... Read More

    Wine review by CambridgeWineBlogger

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