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  • I would just like to know if you have tasted Slovenian (Slovene) wines, what you thought about them.Which you've tasted and any opinions you may have regarding Slovenian (Slovene) wines.You may also ask questions about Slovenian (Slovene) wines and if I know the anwser I'd gladly reply. Read More

    Forum post in the topic wines of Slovenia

  • I don't know why I started thinking of this today, but I had to write a post about it to and would LOVE some Snooth feedback! The whole post is here: the question stands as - why dont wine bottles have caloric / nutritional information?I know this informa... Read More

    Forum post in the topic What if.... wine labels had...

  • Hey there! Since we all love wine, it would be really cool to organize a wine tasting in NYC. I know a couple of places ideal for it. It would be fun!Are you in?Cheers Read More

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  • Hey all. I've recently started working in the wine industry & I was overwhelmed by the complexity of wine. I started back in May working at a small winery in Ohio & have taught myself alot already just by reading & using online sites like this & of course working at the winery helped me gain a lot of knowledge as well. However, while I know a th... Read More

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  • I will be hiking through Switzerland in August, wine is always available in the towns of course and generally in the refugios. What should I look for? Any unusual grapes? Read More

    Forum post in the topic Swiss wine- I know nothing!

  • So a question in one of these threads, or perhaps in a comments thread on one of my articles got me thinking about my favorite varietal wines.First off I will have to group my answer in two parts, noble wines and not noble wines. I am stealing the phrase noble from the wine geek vernacular but as a title it works just fine.So the noble grapes ar... Read More

    Forum post in the topic What's your favorite grape(s)

  • A local wine merchant advertised a sale on an Australian Cabernet quoting a 97 rating from Robert Parker. When I checked the same wine on Wine Spectator it was an 89. What do I make of this? Is it a 90 point wine or not and is the "sale" a good deal or not. Anyone else have these situations? Read More

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  • Vigna Rionda Massolino Barolo Riserva Vigna Rionda 1989


    This was a great change of pace with a nose decidedly on the mineral, austere, and strict end of the spectrum It was spicy with oak and mineral tones, though the oak was almost all absorbed leaving just a hint of spicy cinnamon, sweet baking spice and Graham cracker that added to the bouquet. The fruit was intact, spicy and sweet with limestone ... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • THE BASIC MATERIAL – POTTERY Although the original object was to write about sweet wine, since many early wines were likely to have been sweet, some notes on wine in general seemed appropriate. Similarly, because wine has for so long been an important commercial item, and because the packaging directly affects the product itself, some notes on p... Read More

    From the article The History of Wine Part II - Wine Storage - The Early Days

  • I know a good majority of Ports are from grapes like Zin, Cab, Grand Noir, muscat, etc, but what of some of these "newer wines" that are taking stage in the recent decades? Grapes with heavy heat, jam, fruit, and dark spices and earth. Are there are ports out there that utilize Malbec, Carmenere, etc? I think something like these wines, fortif... Read More

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