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  • I like the idea of packaging something very much. Especially if it is to pass hands as a product from creator to customer. It changes perspective, interpretation and how we feel about the product. Powerful stuff. I think people have admitted to being happily sucked into the magic of shiny upgraded Hoovers and cute PDF sized McMeals in the past b... Read More

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  • Well, to start with, it makes life exciting for both producers, sometimes dangerously so, as well as consumers. One of the huge fallacies of the 100-point system, for example (though any rating system is equally incapable of quantifying a vintage), is that a vintage is something that is ratable using an uninformative absolute scale.Vintages cert... Read More

    From the article Vintage Variation

  • What temperature should I serve wine at?This is a question that I have answered before in some detail. The simple answer is cooler than you think, and warmer than you think!Many resources recommend serving red wines at "room temperature." That ambiguity has led to many a poor showing. Room temperature is a vestige of another age when we were all... Read More

    From the article 6 More Common Wine Questions

  • Hello Everyone,I wanted to introduce myself.I was looking for Mick Fleetwood wines and I was somehow led to this site so I decided to join. I don't drink wine that often, but I have enjoyed wine with meals on and off for quite a while. I look forward to browsing the site and to seeing what people have to share. Ellie Read More

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  • Wine tasting event with friends this evening - just received our assignment this morning: Petite Sirah.We know we need something bold and rich, preferably meaty.  Any suggestions for something that will be a big, unique hit with the Petite Sirah without having us running all around town for odd ingredients and won't require spending 3 hours in t... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Petite Sirah - HELP! Need...

  • Barefoot Moscato NV


    Out of all the wines that I have tasted, this is one of my favorites. Definitely the best Moscato that I have ever tasted - well, after Beringer's Moscato, of course. Excellent wine, with delicious sweet and fruity flavors. Tastes a bit like peach cider. Yum. Read More

    Wine review by AdamRinky1982

  • The Little Penguin Shiraz 2012


    Picked out 2 cases of these little flightless guys for work. They sold poorly and thats all I really have to say. I don't mind the wine specifically but Shiraz is not a personal favorite (ick). Other Lil' Penguin has me interested... Read More

    Wine review by keithd03

  • Found this site a few weeks ago, and read a bit around here. Was a former beer drinker, but over the years have not really cared for it any more. I want to learn more about wines. Have drank wine before of course, but I guess now that I am somewhat older I appreciate it more. Would like to learn more about the different types and flavors. Am hav... Read More

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  • Given NG's Californian Cab thread had morphed into Sparkling, I thought maybe that was a good time to take the interesting stuff coming through into its own thread.So I will start with the following sort of recapChampagne is a bit like Burgundy in that it is clearly leading the world in its reputation even in the places where local equivalents a... Read More

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  • Irony is a funny thing. I am quite a funny thing too. I’m a 22 year old, white woman who spends her day thinking and writing about wine, something I have no real or honest clue about. You could pass me a vat of vinegar and a flute of something French and I would be able to tell you little, or nothing about why they are different, why one has ter... Read More

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