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  • Priorat Sangenis Vaque 2002


    At the first glass I found this wine very nice and spicy, but also a little bit closed and slightly rough in the taste. But I gave it one and a half hour on the bottle to breathe, and then it opened up, and turned out to be amazing. It has lovely notes of mature cherries, blackcurrants, cigarbox and a nice smoky flavour as well. I am completely ... Read More

    Wine review by JJKjaer

  • Hello all,I signed up a few days ago after my brother told me about this site although he is not a member; go figure.  I had the wine bug for about ~12 years and enjoy all wines except Rose.  I have a mixed passive cellar and enjoy wine with friends and dinner.  I'm a native New Yawker and I'm looking forward to reading about wines and discussio... Read More

    Forum post in the topic New Wineo Member

  • Had one of those once in a lifetime days betting the ponies today.  With the winnings, i'm probably going to be budgeting up to $1500.00 on some more expensive wines I haven't been able to afford in the $80-$200 range.  Any suggestions?  I favor a right-bank bordeaux style for reds but also enjoy a medium bodied cabernet style, along with rhone ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Just cleaned up on the...

  • i am not out to prove anyting with this query, just wondering.  i love good quality gin and i obviously love wine too.  although i like a variety of wines, i seem to have a special affinity for sauvignon blancs and rieslings.  have any of my fellow gin drinkers noticed similar patterns in themselves?  do fans of other liquors/spirits gravitate t... Read More

    Forum post in the topic gin drinkers and the wines...

  • It's certainly a challenge trying to cover the world of wines. There are wines to taste everyday and even with an intensive schedule one can only manage to try a smal portion of the wines that come to market each year. Sadly that means that I miss many noteworthy wines. Keeping on eye on the wine blogs is one way I can stay abreast of all that i... Read More

    From the article What We've Been Reading

  • Last week we began a tour of Italy’s great white grapes with a look at the wines of the Northwestern provinces. In many cases, white grapes in some of the regions tend to be a bit of an afterthought. I mean, who thinks about Arenis when talk turns to Piedmontese wine? Moving eastward, however, lands you in some serious white wine country. In a w... Read More

    From the article Guide to Italian Whites - Part II

  • With summer on everyone’s mind, the wine writing community tends to obsess about the white wines that we’ll all be greedily slurping down over the coming months; but the truth is, there will be plenty of red wines called for, as well as roses, this summer.While I am not a huge fan of rich, powerful reds when it’s warm out – the heat tends to acc... Read More

    From the article Chilling with Pinot Noir

  • My neighbors and I have a mutual love of wine, and have had several tasting parties which we've enjoyed a lot.  We did a blind one, and a non-blind one of very different world varieties.  We usually get bottles in about the 20-30 range, although that's flexible, especially going lower for the blind tasting.For this next one, I was thinking of do... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Tasting Party - would love to...

  • bought 2 bottles of 09 Molly Dooker Carnival of Love.  I want to drink it, but should I? Read More

    Forum post in the topic when to drink

  • Bokbunjajoo Korean Raspberry Wine


    Westerners just can't seem to do berries right. It always turns out like a nasty wine cooler.Leave it to the Koreans. Their rasberry wine isn't too sweet and it isn't too dry. It's cheap and it goes well with meals, whether Bi Bim Bap or fresh sea food.It successfully encapsulates that essence of raspberry, the noblest of all berries in my op... Read More

    Wine review by zygmuntsmw

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