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  • Hi There,I recently inherited a bottle of wine from my grandparents, who located it while they were cleaning there house. The label is all in Italian and I am trying to find out what type of wine it is, and if you can still buy it ect and what the cost might be. Details below:Label Reads: Ortense vindo da tavola rosso, product of italy, 1.5 litr... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Can someone help me identify...

  • I am fairly new to wine and am just learning about all the different types and regions of wine.  I tend to lean towards the more dry and red wines.. I was looking for a summer wine, one I could drink chilled.. I have recently discovered the "unoaked" chardonnays and I love them.. Is there any other types that fall close to this category?  Especi... Read More

    Forum post in the topic A good Summer wine

  • Challis Lane Cabernet '06 Usa California 2009


    Medium bodied. Decent Nose. Not all there in flavor but very good for table wine and everyday drinking. you can get it for $10 and bevmo has it also on 5cent sale so comes out to $5 a pop. cant beat it for that price. For Under $10 it the best so far. Read More

    Wine review by CabFan85

  • With March being Women’s History Month, it’s that time of year when the usual suspects tend to get trotted out. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Julia Child, The Widow Clicquot and all the other women who have enriched my epicurean world, but it’s the 21st century, folks. Let’s see if we can’t find some women who are making things happen today!You... Read More

    From the article Talking with Melissa Burr

  • It’s been a long time since I donned my Cheap Drunk hat and sussed out some of my favorite bargains to share with you. Before you get all riled up, let me say that I do not advocate getting drunk on wine, booze, or beer. It’s very possible that you can’t handle it, bro. You’ve got to be a warlock or F-18 to roll like this.And what does "roll lik... Read More

    From the article The Return of the Cheap Drunk

  • got this from a friend of a wine friend...let me know what you think?  i have the name and the # of the contact if you want.  i am sooo removed from any connections to any sale.  sorry, gotta say that...   here's how it reads:  Hello,I was asked by an aging friend to help him in the sale of some wines and champagnes that he has had stored. Here'... Read More

    Forum post in the topic not sure what to think of...

  • So I often find it tricky to be a wine lover and vegetarian.  It seems pairings are much more difficult.  I would love advice on this subject as I don't want to just avoid big, bold, high tannin reds b/c I don't eat meat.  I've written about my struggle in my blog.  Advice?  Read More

    Forum post in the topic Vegetarian wine pairings...

  • Ok... this weekend I decided to try a few diff brands of Pinot Grigio.. I usually prefer the more dry red wines but it was warm outside so I wanted to try a wine that was chilled and good "springish" wine... I bought Vino dei Fruitelli (think thats how you spell it)  It drew my attention becuase it was soo much darker then and Pinot I have seen ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Coudy Wine with black specks??

  • Almost all wine scoring systems purport to reflect the quality of a particular bottle of wine. Wine reviewers like to fool themselves, some very effectively, that what we do is somehow objective. It’s true that there are objective observations that can be made, using scientific analysis, regarding a wine’s alcohol, sugar, tannin, acid, and dry e... Read More

    From the article The Bevebilita Score

  • Looking for some good merlot wines suggestions.Some of your favorites that are is to locate and buy. Read More

    Forum post in the topic merlot wines

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