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  • Emark pointed us to an article on prions. Here's another reason for stuck fermentations.Basically, if your yeast converts all of the glucose, that's the end of the story. But these yeasts like fructose so can survive longer and keep working. was OK with it until the end, when... Read More

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  • Asparagus - a green Sauvignon Blanc. Probably the artichoke too, although I've had some green reds, like Merlots from Spain, which remind me of nothing so much as artichoke.Brussels sprouts - chop them up and saute them over really high heat, blackening a few, or put them in the oven and roast at a high heat with the same result. Then serve with... Read More

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  • Maggi's been around forever; knew it back from one of my grandmothers before I ever even went off to college. Have since encountered their bouillon cubes in almost *every* country I've been to, and I've been to a lot. Plus plenty of other universal foods and aids like those cubes and soups and sometimes that sauce, but also local delicacies that... Read More

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  • I probably would've chosen this image instead.  ;-)   Your image of a Hass avocado represents the Guigal Cotes du Rhone of the avocado world. It's good, and fatty and grows all year around on lower, plump, easy-to-harvest trees. The Nabal above is like a 1989 Beaucastel or better yet an '89 Chaves Hermitage. The best tasting avocado I've ever en... Read More

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  • It was another Wine in the Water Park event last night in Crystal City, Virginia.  I'm volunteering to pour wines on all four Fridays in September, and last night I was able to pour the red wines (I usually get the white wines).  The weather was hot and humid, but at least it didn't rain at all.  Sandra came over after work, taking a few bus rid... Read More

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  • You have to look real hard for it OT.  It's coming out from under a rock, right next to the tangerine tree.So sue me for screwing up.  I meant artichoke.  :-)It's still early this morning and I need more coffee after all that wine last night. Read More

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  • My previous challenges were for geographical locales and entire cuisines of difficulty. This time it's for difficult food items. What wines, if any, match these? Matches to specific recipes are welcome! 1)  Green, white or any other color2)  California's official veggie3)  Belgium's??4) Mold as a good thing5) Moctezuma's favorite food (and aphro... Read More

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  • I don't know what's happening in your neck of the woods, and with drought rather widespread this year I am scared to ask and hopeful that things are good, but her in the northeast we're having a banner year for some produce, and corn seems to be the star of the summer. Incredibly sweet, rich and flavorful corn is overflowing local farmer's marke... Read More

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  • In a world where extremes are becoming the paradigms for perfection its a little surprising that one doesn’t hear much of the wines of Saxony. Strike that. One doesn’t hear anything about these wines. And that is not surprising because the production is tiny and the wines almost all consumed locally. But you should be hearing about these wines, ... Read More

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  • Julia Crowley’s fabulous look at the terroir of the willamette valley should gets every wine lover interested in the fabulous, world class Pinots that are coming out of Oregon. Of course there have been some rough years for Oregon’s vintners, some created by the challenging climate they work within, others by the media’s knee jerk reactions to t... Read More

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