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  • Your average wine bottle – whether squat, slender or high-shouldered – doesn't seem to mind that the world around is obsessed with the perfect body. Earlier this month Details editor Anthony Giglio explored the varying types of container corporeality the average consumer can find on their supermarket shelves. The distinct forms, Giglio said, are... Read More

    From the article What's With All The Shapes? MSN Explores Intricacies of Bottle Bodies

  • April will not be the month of fools for three winemakers, three wineries and a long list of wines. This past week the American Fine Wine Competition & Gala (AFWC) announced the winners of its yearly competition, whose awards will be handed out at a celebratory fundraising dinner April 24 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa.  A tri... Read More

    From the article Winner, Winner April Dinner: Fine Wine Gala Announces Number Ones

  • For V-day, we went to Roy's where I proposed 6.5 years back.Had Lobster Tail as the main, wife had Filet Mignon so together a nice little surf and turf.Duck Tacos (with damn jalepeno's inside!) didn't notice until midway through the first one. Anyhow, those were great once I got over the spice and picked the rest out, always love duck. However t... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Whatcha drinking tonight?

  • "Now it's just past noon, and you reach for..."Cardio-vascular session over, it's the keys to your Toyota Tacoma (wasn't seeing your community being the Ford 150 type) with snowblade attachment that you reach for. You then spend the next hour or two going up and down the street doing driveways for all your neighbors, then pocket the proceeds, dr... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Proper Pairings with...

  • They may be white to the eye, but they're red at heart. Italy-based Edmund Munch Foundation researcher Panagiotis Arapitsas and his colleagues may have pulled the roots out from under the viticultural notion that white wines are missing the color-creating flavonoid anthocyanin. “The presence of anthocyanins in ripe berries is used as the accepte... Read More

    From the article White is Red, Red is White: Why Riesling And The Like Might Actually Be Red

  • It always seemed odd to us that in Piemonte, the land of Barolo, the King of Wines and the Wine of Kings, we would always find a bottle of Barbera in front of us on the table. The answer was and is simple: Barbera is bountiful, versatile, delicious and moderate in price. The Piemontesi drink more reds than whites and almost 50% of the reds that ... Read More

    From the article The Rising Tide of Barbera

  • There are plenty of ways to do sausages of all sorts on decent buns (or even bangers and mash) that go well with better wines. Just not relish out of a bottle, or ketchup. I've done sausages (from Italian to Polish via Thuringer and smoked brats, as well as venison and many other variations I've made myself) on various rolls with varying mixes o... Read More

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  • DV, I may have overstated.  Much of my belief is based on annecdotes.My father-in-law used to have his own refrigeration repair business.  He seemed to see a lot of failures in wine storage systems in which the coils would become corroded.  His belief was that there was something "emitted" from the wine botles that accellerated this corrosion.  ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Freestanding Cooler for Aging

  • Fox, I had to go make something to eat at the halfway point of your saga. :)Since your contractor will be taking out the building permits, there will be city inspectors coming to pass all phases.  You can just keep touring for wine!  Do everyone a favour though and make your plans and stick to them.  Changes will cost you.  Try to pick out thing... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Finally able to exhale (Some...

  • We finally got the news that we are approved for our planning permit.  Now comes the really trying part:  building permits, contractors' estimates, dislocation, refinancing, and dealing with the neighbor who tried to stop the project and who will harass the contractor.  But it's official:  I get a basement with room for a real cellar with temper... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Finally able to exhale (Some...

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