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  • Thanks, Al, for the extra info. That is NOT a stock Sunbeam, which was a very different animal in the early '50s than in the '60s, when its owner Rootes ran into trouble and sold themsleves to Chrysler by the end of the decade.My dad had a '62 Alpine Series I and a '67 Tiger in the mid-to-late '60s that I helped navigate in during rallies, as we... Read More

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  • I really love Fridays!MJET, looks like you traveled to two of our all time favorite places - Hilton Head and Charleston.  HH was our every other or every 3rd year family vacation spot. We'd rent a house, rent some bikes, park the car and chill for a week, great place to get away and decompress. Charleston is just a great place for food and histo... Read More

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  • Made my first ever homemade sausage (venison) celebrated end of classes for the semester, ate said sausage with a nice glass of burgundy, now listening to Glen Gould Goldberg Variations (first recording). What would you be drinking? For me the choice was obvious.  Read More

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  • It's definitely possible for Americans to do more than take guided 'educational' tours. A dozen years ago traveled all around the island in a group of five Americans without guides, doing some diving underwater as well is in nightlife dive bars. All of us were well experienced travelers, to put it mildly. Didn't even have to pull out a Canuck pa... Read More

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  • This is just a teaser to start, as I only arrived home a few hours ago after about nine days in Cuba without Internet access.  That was tough, but you know what was tougher?  The lack of quality wine.  In fact, there was a lack of most everything we are used to in the USA, but I'll elaborate on that later - manana as they say in Cuba.  First thi... Read More

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  • Just read through this. Fox, you can't be serious with this line:"The good news for me is I live in California.  I'm in a wealthy state, with a less crazy electorate,"Amigo - the rest of the country views California as the definition of crazy. The state with the smartest people in all the world and its finances are a disaster, its infrastructure... Read More

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  • Oooh, boy.  So about that "CIA got weapons of mass destruction stuff" wrong:  Actually, the Bush White House didn't like the CIA's answers and Rummy created his own intelligence unit.  Which came up with the desired result.  Tenet then bent to the will of the President because Tenet has always been a shameful character.  None of the "desk" peopl... Read More

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  • Vino - that Failla Chardonnay is good wine. He did some Syrah too and it was damned good. Haven't had either recently though.Fox - the Contino is a project of CVNE. Like all the old houses, CVNE used to buy grapes from many small local growers. Much like the houses in Champagne do. In the 1970s, they decided to make an estate wine from their own... Read More

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  • Don't count on more photos from me, especially when I'm eating out--was afraid of that...  ;-(The wine is a sleeper. Not huge and in your face from the gitgo--at all. Takes coaxing (breathing and laydown time, both) but pays off. Easy to see why arrivistes might not recognize its value (CT TNs demonstrate lack of patience and understanding). For... Read More

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  • how does one get to be a septic tank guru? Take a master class from Outthere.I'm pretty sure he can fix anything.BLM, if you have any cranky particle accelerators, I'm sure he can help you out.  For a plane ticket and a bottle of good wine, and we all know that you have some, he comes pretty cheap.  :-) Read More

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