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  • Here's something you might look at, Joe. Nothing too challenging here.  Homogenized berry fruit on entry, and by that, I mean that I'm thinking of somebody throwing a bunch of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries into a blender and hitting the puree button.  Other than a being a tad heavy on the acid, I don't find anything offensive about ... Read More

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  • "Oh c'mon.  The only thing I have is that a SCIENTIST shared with my wife the prevailing opinion that, GENERALLY, women's senses of smell and taste are better than those of men."Who's the scientist, what's his specialization and what specifically is he referring to? Just because someone says he's a 'scientist' provides no credibility, per se. Di... Read More

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  • I am a recent newbie to Bedrock and what I've tasted so far has mainly been white. All have been very good but nothing that rocked my world. I have a couple of reds in the wine fridge that I'm planning on letting rest for a while, so we'll see what happens.MJET, just guessing from your posts but sounds like you're more into bigger reds, Napa cab... Read More

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  • As far as the racks go, your concern is whether they 1) hold bottles securely and 2) fit the bottles you need to put in them. The first should be pretty easy, especially if you don't live in earthquake country or near a subway station that will rattle your walls.  (If the latter, you need offsite storage, because that level of vibration is delet... Read More

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  • Gosh, Greg, that Burning Mouth Syndrime sounds very annoying, at the very least.  I'm not going to tell Mrs. EMark about it.  She falls into several of the groups mentioned that seem to have the tendency.DM,  I recognize most of the makers on that list, and $25/glass seems pretty stout.  Is this at an airport or something like that where prospec... Read More

    Forum post in the topic What have you bought lately?

  • Are you going for passive storage of the wine, or do you want to keep them refrigerated?  I have passive storage of about 400 bottles in our basement storage room and they are laying in simple wine racks (nine bottles each) sitting on top of wooden shelving units.  This was a cheap solution for us and so far (about four years now) we haven't obs... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Wine Storage Advice!

  • Hi everyone, I'm finally about to install my first wine rack after gradually building up a collection. Very excited about it! However I wanted some advice on choosing the right type? I'm currently looking at oak wine racks and I have read about a company called Wine Racks who manufacture a large range of wi... Read More

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  • I agree with most of that. There is a lot of chatter about women being better tasters than men, and lots of reasons, and I'm willing to be convinced, but most of the great wine tasters I know are men. But that might be accounted for by self-selection as well in that most wine drinkers, or wine talkers-about, are men. My wife is a far better tast... Read More

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  • Grenache as Garnacha and Cabernet are blended in Priorat in some of the top wines like L'Ermita, but there's often Carinena in there, too.  And sometimes other things as well. I had a Furvus from Baja recently that a friend served and it had Barbera and Cab--also new to me.  It was really good. Ruby Cabernet was a hybrid created at Davis, yes?  ... Read More

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  • Bits and pieces of disconnected research have been reported over the last couple of decades that seem to a priori be predicated on the fact that females smell more competently than males, and then purport to having proven that 'fact' in the study they present. Unfortunately, those I've seen do not really prove all that much, other than, for exam... Read More

    Forum post in the topic What have you bought lately?

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