Last Minute Wine Ideas for Thanksgiving

Hint: Match your wine to your stuffing


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Roast turkey

Turkey, as we all know, is a rather neutral meat that pairs easily with a variety of wines. From light whites to medium-bodied red wines, an argument can be made for each, not so much based on the turkey itself, but rather based on the meal each chef creates around the holiday bird.

It’s actually challenging to pair a single wine with all the various dishes that grace the traditional holiday table. From cranberries to root vegetables, gravy to mashed potatoes, there are so many things going on, it can be tough to choose a single wine. The same neutrality that makes turkey work with a variety of wines also makes it work with a seemingly endless variety of stuffings and, when you think of it, that stuffing is frequently the highlight of the meal. So, make things easier on yourself this year. Match your wine to your stuffing, and enjoy your holiday!

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