Last Minute Wine Ideas for Thanksgiving

Hint: Match your wine to your stuffing


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Cornbread and Andouille dressing

Another transplant from the South, though the truth is there are many different sausages and meats one might find included here, from sweet sausage to spicy Tasso, and that makes pairing these a bit more challenging. The key here though is not necessarily the meat, but rather the base. As we make the transition from white bread to cornbread we are actually ending up with a richer, sweeter stuffing. Add in a little spice to the dish and you’ve made a convincing argument for a wine that carries with it a touch of sweetness. Look for an off-dry Chenin Blanc like a Vouvray labeled as Tendre for a great match. Another choice would be Pinot Gris, which often have just a hint of sweetness to them.

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