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Rosti with Gravlax, Caper Berries and Horseradish Cream wine pairings

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Rosy Meatballs EmailPrintTweet Pin It By Laura's Lean Beef - September 4, 2011 This recipe was created by Laura's Lean Beef customer Clare R Goldfarb of Kalamazoo, Michigan Ingredients1 pound Laura's 92 Lean Ground Beef or 96 Lean Ground Round12 cup bread crumbs1 beaten egg12 small onion, minced14 teaspoon dry mustardSauce20 ounces whole berry cranberry sauce1 cup tomato saucesalt and pepper to taste Directions1 Mix first five ingredients well Shape into bite-sized meatballs 2 Bake in conventional oven at 350 degrees for approximately 15-20 minutes Be sure not to overcook 3 Meanwhile, combine whole berry cranberry sauce and tomato sauce 4 Simmer sauce on stovetop for approximately 15-20 minutes Pour over meatballs and serve Makes 6 servings Cooking Tips When shaping meatballs, use a melon baller for consistent meatball size Then roll the balls in your hands to shape them, occasionally wetting your hands with cold water to prevent sticking Nutritional Analysis Per Serving Using Laura's 92 Lean Ground BeefCALORIES 277 24 from fat FAT 75g sat 23g PROTEIN 172g CARB 371g FIBER 21g CHOL 75mg IRON 21mg SODIUM 388mg Diabetic Exchanges 1 starch 1 fruit 1 vegetable 2 lean meat Using Laura's 96 Lean Ground RoundCALORIES 264 15 from fat FAT 45g sat 16g PROTEIN 192g CARB 371g FIBER 21g CHOL 75mg IRON 21mg SODIUM 398mg Diabetic Exchanges 1 starch 1 fruit 1 vegetable 2 very lean meat wine pairings

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