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Does food ever go missing in your home At my house things mysteriously disappear all the time Not surprisingly they tend to be the sweets I bake I have a feeling why they go missing Because I'm terrible at sharing You would think growing up with three older siblings I might have learned this skill, but it seemed to do the opposite I became very territorial about my food I was blissfully unaware of this until I went to university and my poor roommates had to deal with my death stares after my food was eaten I should clarify that I am actually great at sharing food when I make something for the purpose of being shared ie decadent treats which I clearly can't eat all by myself But when it comes to healthy snacks or any of my weekly food prep meals, you better back away slowly before even considering eating any of them I swear this relates to today's recipe The other day my brother mentioned that a tea I was drinking tasted a lot like the mint chocolate protein bars I used to make all the time I was a shocked he actually ate something of mine that was healthy and b enraged to discover he was my protein bar thief All this time I've been blaming my Dad for eating my bars sorry Dad when in fact it was my sneaky older brother Do you see why I became so territorial It also reminded me that I hadn't made these deliciously healthy treats in a while and all of you definitely deserved the recipe Moral of the story is that these must be good since one of the pickiest eaters I know was ballsy enough to steal and enjoy them Oh and that I clearly need to move out No-Bake Mint Chocolate Protein Bars wine pairings

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Dog Biscuits wine pairings

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Dog Biscuits and Dip wine pairings

Dog Biscuits--Bacon Flavored wine pairings

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