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The word whisky (here always spelled without the “e”), is a derivation of “usky,” shortened from the Irish word “usequebaugh,” which means “water of life.” “Eight boils of malt to Friar John Cor wherewith to make aqua vitae.” This is what appeared in the Scottish exchequer rolls in 1494, and is the earliest written mention of whisky, though it certainly existed centuries earlier. (By the way, this amount of malt would produce approximately 1500 bottles.) The popular story goes that St. Patrick made the first incarnation of whisky in Ireland around the 5th century AD, and it came to Scotland through the passing of tribal rituals from there. Some Scotch purists would argue whisky always had its origins at home, independent of the Irish. Regardless, as with most pleasurable beverages, monks were responsible for the earliest distillations. Whisky is brewed from fermented grain, and was first used for medicinal purposes. At this time, whisky was Read more »

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  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    “King of the Red Wine Grapes.” The colonizer of the vineyards, pushing native wine grapes into its shadows. The Caber...

  • Catawba

    Even older than the Concord grape, this historically-important variety is thought to be a chance seedling from North ...

  • King

  • Flora

    The appropriately named Flora, a cross of Gewürztraminer and Semillon, was developed by Dr. Harold Olmo, UC Davis’ le...

  • Pinot Noir

    “With so voluptuous a perfume, so sweet an edge, they make the blood run hot,” Joel Fleischman, wine columnist at Van...

  • Pedro Ximénez

    Ximénez, Jimenez, Ximénès, Pedro, Pedro Giménez, Pedro Jimenez, Pedro Khimenes, Pedro Ximénès, Pedro Ximenes De Jerez...

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  • Johnnie Walker

    Johnnie Walker is a classic brand of blended Scotch whisky, named for John “Johnnie” Walker, a ...

  • Bruichladdich Distillery Company

    Bruichladdich (try ‘Brook-Laddie’) is a Gaelic reference to the ‘raised beach’ upon which the dis...

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  • Glenmorangie the Quinta Ruban Year Old Single Malt Scotch 2012


    I watched both of my socks fly off as I sipped this jewel. Need I say more? Read More

    Wine review by jamessulis

  • My sister in Scotland lives next to a croft which is operated by a traditional crofter. He occasionally manages to shoot a deer and he sometimes gives my sister some of the meat. A couple of years ago a couple of migrating geese made the mistake of overflying his croft when he had his shotgun handy. He gave my sister one and we had geese for Chr... Read More

    Forum post in the topic I'm going to need a bigger...

  • Went through a phase in the early years of last decade when Booker's was my ... ... and ruin other brands in Scotland. Will see how that works out. Anyway, I stopped drinking it and went to others later in the decade so haven't had any for awhile. Not sure how 'trendy' it might be, though you're in a better position to judge than I. Just about ... Read More

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  • Looking forward to trying these wines. Pick-up is May 1st. Joel going back to ... James Horn, a settler from Scotland, first planted grapes; in 1908, Domenico and Gilda Barberis, recent arrivals from Italy, planted more vines along Horn’s Creek. Seven years later, they established “Bonded Winery Number 118” at on the site.  Sadly, despite a ca... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Once & Future Wines - The...

  • Obviously the UK folks are linked in close with the WHO (plus they have to deal ... while visiting England or Scotland.  ; Read More

    Forum post in the topic Turns out red wine might not...

  • Holiday excursions can be excluded, I suppose, especially where they're ... ... England (and even Scotland), France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland (and the eastern Med) altogether and unsurprisingly do a much better Christmas than Asia does. Though everywhere tries hard for New Year's...  ; Read More

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  • Duncan 906 - Your ride reminds me of our visit to England, Scotland & Wales several years ago (2006).  Near the end of this tour we arrived at Straford-upon-Avon, where we were scheduled to see the Shakespeare play 'Julius Caesar'.  Anyway, motorcycles were pouring into the city from all around - it was some kind of rally, with all sorts of moto... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Whatcha drinking tonight?

  • I should say that we've only been interested in collecting wine in a wine ... ... Spain, Iceland, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.  The worst wine we have ever tasted was made in Vietnam.  The best wine we have ever tasted was made in Napa Valley (Barnett). The issue of over-paying for wines in a wine club ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Thursday (possibly into and...

  • My dad's mother's mother was born on a farm in Alberta, while my ... ... looked a lot less like the Scotland they were leaving and all around better. Not sure anyone's really 'Canadian' in background, certainly in genetic terms, unless they're a member of a First Nations tribe, though I'm sure some cantankerous French Canadian might give me he... Read More

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  • Actually got a bottle today from a nice young lad from Scotland!  Last week a fellow from Texas had 3 bottles dropped off for me. Life is good! Read More

    Forum post in the topic Capsules on Wine Bottles

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