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Despite some 1,250 grape varietals grown in the Middle Eastern country of Turkey, only a scant percentage is now produced as wine. Turkey may be viewed as a relatively progressive Muslim country compared to some of its neighbors, but alcohol consumption is still quite low. Long ago, this was the part of the world that pretty much invented wine. There is evidence of ancient wine-making equipment found in Turkey that is believed to be at least 6000 years old. Wine was banned entirely during the 500 years of the Ottoman Empire, starting in the early 16th century, save for the small percentages of Jews and Christians who were allowed to make wine for religious purposes. When the empire collapsed after World War I, it was the first Turkish president,  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who founded the first commercial winery, Doluca, in 1925. Since then the industry has built up slowly, with mostly larger companies such as Kavaklidere, Pammukale, Mey Gida (formerly Tekel) and and a few boutique wineries Read more »

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Varietals Produced in Turkey View all

  • Grenache

    You’re a member of the ‘Rhône Ranger’ band. Your groupies think you’re ‘hot’, even when you're boozy and "strung out"...

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    “King of the Red Wine Grapes.” The colonizer of the vineyards, pushing native wine grapes into its shadows. The Caber...

  • Marsanne

    Avilleran, Champagne Piacentina, Ermitage, Grosse Roussette, Hermitage, Johannisberg, Marsan Belyi, Marsanne Blanche,...

  • Mourvèdre

    History of the grape: Monastrell is a native of Spain, first grown in Murviedro near Valencia, and was eventually bro...

  • Pedro Ximénez

    Ximénez, Jimenez, Ximénès, Pedro, Pedro Giménez, Pedro Jimenez, Pedro Khimenes, Pedro Ximénès, Pedro Ximenes De Jerez...

  • Syrah

    The irony here is that Syrah’s origins could give Carmen Sandiego a run for her international wallet. Syrah’s deepest...

Subregions of Turkey

Popular Wineries in Turkey View all

  • Melen

    Şölenlerin, kutsamaların, tanrıların içkisi şarabın kıymetini anlatan hikayelerin sayısı azımsanm...

  • Kavaklidere

    Kavaklıdere Winery, the first private sector wine producer in Turkey, is founded by Cenap And in ...

  • Sarafin

    Winemaking history began in the geographical area where Turkey stands today. The oldest remains r...

  • Doluca

    For three generations, DOLUCA has been a part of the Turkish winemaking industry, reflecting its ...

  • Idol Sarap

    Idol Winery, established in 2004 with a 100 hectar vineyard of its own, located in Izmir / Turkey...

  • Wild Turkey

    Originally established in 1855 as the Old Moore Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Wild Turkey is one of...

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Turkey on Snooth

  • Grilled some Turkey, Black Pig Bacon and Cheddar sandwiches on Sourdough tonight along with Sweet Potato Soup. D is still under the weather. Popped a '12 Bedrock Carignane since I'm going there tomorrow to pick up my wine. Typical Bedrock earthy French Oak nose. Darker and meatier than the Pax from last week. More concentrated fruit as well as a... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Whatcha drinking tonight?

  • BLM - Is that jerky marinated in Wild Turkey or the generic game bird style? Read More

    Forum post in the topic Dare we discuss - wine...

  • I went with Cabernet Sauvignon TWO-BUCK CHUCK which BTW goes for about $3 on ... ... paired with smoked wild turkey jerke Read More

    Forum post in the topic Dare we discuss - wine...

  • Had been to France a few times and had lots of wine, had a friend who was one ... ... I wanted to drink with a turkey sandwich and I looked at the six or seven wines I had sitting around and went through them in my head, imagining how each would taste with my sandwich.Suddenly I realized what I was doing and in that moment I "got" the point of... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Do you have, or can you...

  • Somehow the US Navy needs to get involved, too. Destroyer, sub and SEALS, at ... vineyards and wineries of Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece. We won't want to see what the producers and director do to the script, anyway. Maybe out of guilt the producers will lend us their yacht to support our ongoing vinous research. Drown our shame in wine, soon to... Read More

    Forum post in the topic 1200 years old wine yeast to...

  • Don't know there are any relics nearby. An old well and a few stones may ... different in each country.Turkey is supposedly pro-business under its current government, which by most accounts has a number of issues. As to who owns those wells, that's another issue, of cours Read More

    Forum post in the topic 1200 years old wine yeast to...

  • I've got some fungus on my feet that is even older, and traces its roots ... ... You say you are in Turkey, but what kind of project is going on? Not really sure that this makes any sense--if there's value to the yeast, wouldn't you be talking to one of these labs about purifying and commercializing it, not selling chunks of icky black goop? ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic 1200 years old wine yeast to...

  • Hi GREGT,Actually, i am not %100 sure how old it is.. As i write before, ... a ... a sample to university in Turkey for analysis on my own. I already contact with a Proffessor which is president at Departmant of Moleculer Biology and Genetics in UniversityI am not expert for this or wines..I have no idea how to use this yeast..But you can be s... Read More

    Forum post in the topic 1200 years old wine yeast to...

  • I didn't get the memo either. I opened a 2013 McGah Family Cellars Scarlett ... ... we also popped this 2001 Turkey Pesenti. This was really nice. On the downhill slide but really showing well. Dropping some color but the sloshing of a two hour drive mixed it up and gave us a cloudy pale red wine. Candied red fruit, slightly piercing acid and i... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Whatcha drinking tonight?

  • EM - I'm always ready for a tasty Chardonnay.  I currently prefer ones ... Sauvignon red blend with a turkey that Sandra roasted in the oven.  It's her tradition to get two turkeys near Thanksgiving, one fresh from Whole Foods ($$$) and one frozen from the local Giant market ($).  We cook the cheap one for ourselves on New Years Day.  Oh, we al... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Weekday Wines

  • Greetings from our www.kemerbag29.com resort guesthouse&vineyard at the island of Bozcaada and welcome to join our facebook group kemerbag 29 guesthouse or the other kemerbag 29 resort konukevi/guesthouse.

    Comment by 1800267Rıfat Diker 1800267 Rıfat Diker

  • Where can I find very very sweet wine in Ankara, Turkey?

    Comment by 1486485Mayce 1486485 Mayce

  • The Idol rosé wine was a perfect addition to our Holiday in Side, altough you cannot find anything about this rosé on the internet. We had this wine in the brand new Barut Sensatori Sorgun hotel and it is better than a lot of French rosés;

    Comment by 1302374Snoother 1302374 1302374 Snoother 1302374

  • You CANNOT get a bad wine here. I live in Ankara and just get the cheapest reds so I can wind down after work. I am actually a fan of New World wines normally because the cheaper European reds are the stuff migraines are made of, but the wines here in Turkey are very clean and you always feel good. The taste is somewhere between South Africa and...

    Comment by 1068534Gwenlliana 1068534 Gwenlliana

  • TurkishWines4Me.com or on facebook....Turkish Wines 4 Me

    Comment by 602120Turkish Wines 4 Me 602120 Turkish Wines 4 Me

  • Check out (Turkish Wines 4 Me) on facebook all about Turkish Wine

    Comment by 602120Turkish Wines 4 Me 602120 Turkish Wines 4 Me

  • Dreadful wines, truly dreadful. The whites particularly are pure salad dressing. Almost as bad as Greece plus and there's a 400% tax on the stuff locally. No wonder nobody there drinks it.

    Comment by 562158denmate1960 562158 denmate1960

  • Yes, I just returned from Turkey and would like to purchase the Angora red I had at a hotel called Agora Life. Can you help me. I live in VA and the only store listed was in NYC. Thanks.

    Comment by 533478gerrywag 533478 gerrywag

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