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The name in Italian means “foot of the mountain,” given its location at the foot of the Alps and the Appenine Mountains. These help to moderate the hot and dry summers, with cool, foggy springs and autumns, and frigid winters. There are a whopping 52 DOC/DOCGs zones, with the most famous being Asti (for both Moscato d’Asti and Asti Spumante), the two Barbera districts, Barbaresco, the six Dolcetto districts, the Freisas, the Grignolinos, Langhe, Monferato and of course, Barolo Chinato. Tradition is the region’s most valued currency, and no other region in Italy, perhaps the world, holds as much importance to tradition in respect to sense of place, methods of viticulture and loyalty to craftsmanship as the Piedmontese. In Piedmont there are no IGT’s (a non-specific regional label with loose standards for ingredients and methods).
Piedmont has undergone many landlords. It was first settled by the Celtics, then the Greeks, then the Romans, then the marauding Read more »

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  • Muscat Blanc À Petits Grains

    History of the grape: From Greece, Muscat was brought into Crimea in the Soviet Union where it was spread into what i...

  • Dolcetto

    History of the grape: The name means “little sweet one” in Italian. Dolcetto, along with Barbera and Nebbiolo is one ...

  • Barbera

    History of the grape: Barbera is a native to the Piedmont, where it has been growing for centuries, and is now the fo...

  • Chardonnay

    British wine writer and critic, Jancis Robinson, once noted that throughout the 80’s and 90’s in the United States, C...

  • Nebbiolo

    History of the grape: Two schools of thought exist as to the origins of Nebbiolo (which means “little fog” either for...

Subregions of Piedmont

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  • Ciabot Berton

    From the Cantina Ciabot Berton sited in La Morra, the enchanting landscape of the Langhe area st...

  • Cantine SanSilvestro di Sartirano Figli s.n.c.

    The “Cantine San Silvestro” is located in the territory of the Commune of Novello. It mainly pro...

  • Vietti

    Since 1974 certain Vietti wines have been dressed with specially-designed original works (lithogr...

  • Ettore Germano

    The "Germano Ettore" estate lies on one of the most important crus of Serralunga d'Alba named "Ce...

  • Dessilani

    Respect for the territory and for the grapes, the elegance of the wine, the pleasant feeling when...

  • Carlo Giacosa

    Since in Barbaresco the vine was not the Mistress of the hills, Donato Giacosa, the father of ...

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Piedmont on Snooth

  • Barolo Riserva Giuseppe Mascarello 1961


    From the subtlety of the 1964 we moved on to the wild power of 1961 with a feral nose rich in tobacco, leather and blue slate tones this was deep and grabbed your attention but lacked the layered complexity and clarity of the 1961. In the mouth this was still tannic and youthful to a degree but the soft acidity give this a more aged feel. There ... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • I have been fortunate to play host to Mauro Mascarello during his last several ... vineyards, a Grand Cru of Piedmont. Draped over a long ridge directly under the village of Castiglione and anchored by the easily identifiable Ca dMorissio, the house of Maurizio in Piedmontese dialect, Monprivato luxuriates in its Southern exposition.Monprivato... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Dinner with Mauro and...

  • Barolo Mascarello Giuseppe 1964


    Here we moved on from the great Monprivato Cru to a wine that had grapes from vineyards such as Bussia Soprana, Dardi and Villero added to the mix. This wine was a worry with its incredibly pale color when first decanted. I was upset by what I saw but knowing how old Barolo tends to darken a bit in the glass I still looked forward to trying this... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 1970


    The inaugural vintage of Monprivato and as Mauro recounts, the inaugural vintage of the newly created Ca dMorissio Riserva! How is that you ask? Well this was a trial of sorts using the best vines from Monprivato in an effort to produce something special, something that would transcend the vintage. The vines Mauro selected for this bottling were... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 1978


    This was superbly fresh on the nose with a touch of dried chocolate frosting adding sweetness to the dried strawberry fruit. There are layers of forest floor, seashell, tobacco, spice and herb notes here with flourishes of salad greens, dried asphalt, maduro tobacco and fresh porcini mushroom. On the palate this is bright and deep with a huge c... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 1971


    Mute on the nose with subtle notes of dried raspberry, sheepskin, dusty, stony soil and beefy, saddle leather tones. This gained slowly but surely throughout the evening and was improved by the end of the night but was sadly finished. On the palate this was elegant and velvety with lovely balance that lent the mouthfeel a broad, yet shallow feel... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Rionda 1979


    There is quite a story behind this wine. Bruno Giacosa had been in the habit of buying this lot but in 1979, most likely to make up for the tiny harvest the year before, Aldo Canale significantly raised his asking price. Bruno Giacosa balked at paying more for a lesser vintage and passed on the lot. Mauro found out and quickly agreed to the tar... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 1979


    This is remarkably fresh on the nose with a huge note of freshly picked strawberries, dirt, leaves and all. There is a slightly coffee edge here and nice notes of poppy seed with a touch of mint and camphor adding complexity. In the mouth this retain superb balance and freshness in a bright vein with subtly sweet cherry fruit and minor tannins t... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 1981


    A dark and youthful appearance was gratifying to see and Mauro explained that this vintage produced wines with deep colors but the weather was such that the tannins never fully ripened. The grapes achieved ripeness very late in the season due more to the photosynthesis of the light as opposed to the heat of the sun that would have also ripened t... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 1982


    Young and tarry on the nose. Mauro had asked me when I decanted the wines. When I replied that it had been about 2 hours he told me next time I should consider 5 or 8 hours and in his experience 12-18 hours in a cool cellar is really the ideal time to allow these wines to fully open up! This opened slowly but most likely would have benefited fr... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

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