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Few people associate India with drinking culture, but the country has been producing wine, beer, and spirits since ancient times. Wine production dates as far back as nearly 500 BC, though most of the wine was consumed for ceremonial and healing purposes. The oldest wine in India is an Ayurvedic concoction called Draksharishtha, the name literally meaning grape wine in Sanskrit. This is made from fermented grape juice with sweet and savory herbs. The Indian courtesans and tribal groups also consumed wine socially and ceremonially. Indian royalty planted vineyards at the palaces, using wine to welcome visiting dignitaries. But until the 19th century, not much of it ever left Indian soil. 
Portuguese settlers in the 16th century planted vineyards in Goa. The wine was consumed on its own as well as used for cooking, mixed with garlic and spices for Vin d’Ail. Around the same time, the Persians planted Syrah (Shiraz), which enticed the British into entering the viticultural Read more »

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  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    “King of the Red Wine Grapes.” The colonizer of the vineyards, pushing native wine grapes into its shadows. The Caber...

  • Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc is widely grown in California -- at over 15,000 acres, it’s now the third most planted variety -- and...

  • Syrah

    The irony here is that Syrah’s origins could give Carmen Sandiego a run for her international wallet. Syrah’s deepest...

  • Chenin Blanc

    History of the grape: Modern day French oenologist Pierre Galet states Chenin Blanc has been in France at least since...

  • Palomino

    History of the grape: Palomino is split into three types: Palomino Fino, Palomino de Jerez and Palomino Basto. All of...

  • Diamond

    History of the grape: The varietal dates back to the 1880s when horticulturalist Jacob Moore (hence the synonym “Moor...

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  • Good Earth Winery

    At Good Earth Winery, our vision is the bring to market the best wines that India can produce; wi...

  • Dajeeba Vineyards

    The world wine map has changed almost beyond imagination in the last twenty years. New world wi...

  • Vinbros & Co

    Welcome to the treasure land of Liquors, wherein we offer wide range of liquors of all nature, wi...

  • Nirvana Biosys

      Welcome to the official page of Luca de Indi - a range of distinctive wines for the ...

  • ND Wines Pvt. Ltd

    Mr. Ashok Gaikwad and his friends together established N. D. Grapes Pvt. Ltd. in the year 1993, N...

  • Grover Vineyards

    Nandi hills - the region 40 kilometers towards north of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, lies...

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  • Well, Paul, I suggest you try to watch as the wonderful current Republican ... ... hedge-hog-like Japan, though India would've also bloodied them to the west and stopped their expansion in that direction. Iran could be running amok in SW Asia, exacerbated by a failed Pakistani state serving as a base for a new Caliphate that potentially could ... Read More

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  • D - yes it is a challenging experience for any product in CHina.We have ... ... other overseas destinations.India is a strange one, the problem at the moment for anyone exporting to India is a very penal and restrictive tax and licensing regime.  The is a lot of lobbying at Government level to try and make changes but we know that is not easy&nbs Read More

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  • Here's an idea, Alan.  Track down the movie The Rains Came.  It takes place in India, but many of the characters are British.  There is a restaurant scene that includes a closeup of the restaurant's wine list.  That should give you some insights into British wine preferences of that era. Read More

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  • For the cocktails one useful source could be the Savoy Cocktail Book. Imagine ... at Empire military posts in India and elsewhere safely familiarized it  and brought it up by its bootstraps. Even exotic Martinis overseas at Harry's Bar with Hemingway et al. started with the cheap stuff.Would be great if you could answer back here with any refe... Read More

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  • We'll see just how that 'middle class' emerges. Don't see it ... ... wine industry looking at India, Stephen? &nbs Read More

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  • One of my few discoveries this year has been CA Viognier of all things.As per ... a friend opened recently (in India nonetheless), and how surprisingly good it was. It's a Sonoma Valley wine, super rare apparently, with an average CT value of $65.00I'm not sure I've had a dry white wine as aromatically fleshy and pleasing as some CA varietal V... Read More

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  • I think that Indian food with wines is an interesting combination. All those spicy, buttery goodness demands to be washed down with sweet, refreshing, fruit-forward nectar.Recalled some years ago when I began my foray into the world of wines, that I was invited to a dinner of North Indian food, of rotis, tandoori, and hearty curries, and the hos... Read More

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  • A wine of India that is lovely indeed- Grovers La Reserva from GROVER ZAMPA WINERY.  Other wineries in India include-Sula Vineyards and KRSMA.   Read More

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  • Since I initiated this India thread, it is my job to get it in line!!!!Well, how many of you know that the GROVER ZAMPA WINERY in India, produces lovely wine?I first learnt about this winery, at one of my favourite spots in London, where it is served.Grovers La Reserve is delicious; a rich blend of Cabernet-Sauvignon and Shiraz.Both Kapil Grover... Read More

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  • tried the sauvignon balnce fume by Aryaa from Mercury winery in India. Perfect oak fume and went well with spicy dishes

    Comment by 1061032sushmeta 1061032 sushmeta

  • tried the rose by Aryaa wines goood!! the fume style sauvignon blanc by Aryaa is very nice and oaked to american perfection

    Comment by 1061032sushmeta 1061032 sushmeta

  • Indian wine? Really? Yes, yes, we all know that India is a country rapidly on the move, rich in intellectual capital, a world-class producer of pharmaceuticals, steel, IT services, aerospace technology, high-end skills. It also boasts a fantastic culinary tradition and just about every climatic variation known to man. But wine? Well, put down...

    Comment by 546548Sedimentblog 546548 Sedimentblog

  • Hey all, First of all wishing you grand celebrations for new year 2011 with a gallon of wine to indulge with.I am from a town near wine park at vinchure in maharashtra . Join me for mutual interests for generating vineyards visits around nasik.

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  • Come to assam!! the land of wine and party

    Comment by 533804Anshuman 533804 Anshuman

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