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Sauternes is a region in the Graves part of Bordeaux, south of the Garonne river which is known for its exceptional botrytized dessert wines. The main variety used is Semillon, with Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle acting as minority blending partners. Proximity to two rivers, the Garonne and the Ciron, gives the region its misty, humid climate, encouraging the growth of botrytis, the “noble rot.” The wines are barrique-aged, and can improve for many decades in bottle.

Sauternes is extremely risky and expensive to make, because harvest must take place quite late, when there is the danger of rain or frost. In some years, either because of the weather or the failure of botrytis to arrive at all, no Sauternes is made. Even in the best conditions, yields are low. Ch. D’Yquem, the region’s most famous estate, preserves its superlative reputation by limiting yields to as little as 9 hl/ha.
– Description from juliabutareva

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Varietals Produced in Sauternes View all

  • Isabella

    Reportedly named after a famous southern belle, Isabella was allegedly discovered in North Carolina. This grape is be...

  • Muscadelle

    It is unclear how Muscadelle made its way to Australia. The country has been famous for its excellent sweet wines sin...

  • Sauvignon

  • Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc is widely grown in California -- at over 15,000 acres, it’s now the third most planted variety -- and...

  • Sémillon

    History of the grape: Little is documented about the early years of this grape, which is surprising due to its distin...

  • Viognier

    History of the grape: Viognier is thought to be an indigenous grape of Croatia that was brought to the Rhone in Franc...

Popular Wineries in Sauternes View all

  • Château Bastor-Lamontagne

    The Bastor-Lamontagne Estate belonged in 1711 to the King of France, the succession in Guyenne to...

  • Château Guiraud

    " La Maison Noble du Bayle ", first name of Château Guiraud was owned by de Mons de Saint Poly fa...

  • Château de Rayne-Vigneau

    The vineyards of Rayne Vigneau lie on a splendidly sited ridge, and have overlooked the Sauternes...

  • Château La Tour Blanche

    Chateau La Tour Blanche is situated in the heart of The Sauternes Appellation. About 40 km south ...

  • Château Suduiraut

    The terroir of Sauternes covering 2,200 hectares, lies forty kilometres from Bordeaux between the...

  • Château Lamothe de Haux

    Château Lamothe has belonged to the family since 1956. Château Sauvage was added in 1978 and Chât...

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Sauternes on Snooth

  • Totally the wrong shape for the bottle.  Should be a clear Bord ... fully ... fully branded Premier Cru Sauternes I have put u Read More

    Forum post in the topic New Quiz: What wine is this?...

  • Y d'Yquem 2011


    One of the all time greats, that everyone needs to try, expensive but worth every penny. Read More

    Wine review by acakeandwine

  • Château du Grand Carretey Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend Sauternes 2011


    The nose has tropical botrytis notes and honey mixed with fresh semillon fruit. ... which is quite common with Sauternes. Very sweet but needs a bit more complexity. My rating-- 89. Enjoyable win Read More

    Wine review by Zuiko

  • Fox, whole bunch of topics you're opening up there. I'll keep it ... ... the while. Plenty of other Sauternes and Barsacs that are also good, but it is recognizably better. Whether enough to warrant the price differential, that's another subject... Later edit:OK, did (only) a little reading, and see why SoL doesn't apply. Still have wonderings... Read More

    Forum post in the topic New Quiz: What wine is this?

  • Okay, have to announce I am letting everyone down.  On Wednesday, my wife ... half bottle of Haut Charmes Sauternes for them.  Love that quote "does not make a second sweet wine."  Since Yquem makes a dry wine called "Y" it keeps the mystery going.  Elsewhere (K&L) the claim is that it's "made from the younger vines of the region's most legend... Read More

    Forum post in the topic New Quiz: What wine is this?

  • Château du Grand Carretey Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend Sauternes 2005


    This is an inconsistent wine from bottle to bottle.Some have fresh ripe fruit, ... oxidized. When harvesting Sauternes, it usually requires several passes through the vineyard to gather all the botrytis affected berries. The problem with this is that if you start the harvest too late, the last sweep of the vineyard can pick up oxidized berrie... Read More

    Wine review by Zuiko

  • Chateau la Tour Blance Sauternes 2005


    Had this with the Inniskillin Ice Wine at Mercat Bistro in Dallas. Just wonderful. Buttery gold color, smooth, silken, and viscous. Peach and apricot, floral and honeyed. Read More

    Wine review by puhnner

  • OK, some proposals:1) asparagus: just about the only wine that reliably works ... any other wine. Even an aged sauternes. Haven't yet tried a Hungarian tokaji, though my guess is that, too, would be shortened after being slammed by the cheese.5) chocolate: brandy, calvados, even whisky and a few other liqueurs that warm things up in the mouth.... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Matching challenge *4*: what...

  • Ok,#4- looks like a nicely aged blue- many say port, but the real winners are ... late harvest whites such as Sauternes, which is exactly why I don't like blue cheese and wine for the most part.  I am not a fan of late harvest whites, except for one.  I have a beautiful moelleux Vouvray that needs to age for many more years.  I tasted recently... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Matching challenge *4*: what...

  • I haven't been playing in these, mostly, because they seem to be too much ... ...  to be matched with Sauternes.I am with Al on the chocolate/zinfandel thing, and I'm pretty sure we're in the minority on that.I have offered the above two opinions multiple times on this forum.    :-)The first three do not match well at all with wine.  So, just ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Matching challenge *4*: what...

  • At what tempture do you serve this after dinner wine?

    Comment by 318739miltone 318739 miltone

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