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Over the past twenty years, Chilean wineries and winemakers have been discovering new and interesting terroir and microclimates. Among these areas is one of the most Southern-reaching areas of Chile, the Bío Bío Valley.

Innovative winemakers are pioneering the discovery of which wine varieties and styles adapt best to the region, In each valley they have been making strides exhibiting just how their individual microclimates can generate wines which uniquely express the terroir.

Today, innovative winemakers are focusing on the exploration of the unique microclimates of each region. Through their research, they have discovered which grapes work best in the region and also how the wines portray stylistic expression.

Bío Bío,(pronounced BEE-o Bee-o), has just 446 hectares under vine . Here Pinot Noir and Chardonnay have recently stolen the spotlight and are the wines to watch from this region.

Their extreme southern position gives them warm days and more daylight than their northern counterparts. Their moderate Mediterranean climate provides them with the ideal combination of with warm days and cold nights Theses southern regions receive more daylight than the northern regions, though once the sun sets the nights are cool. This moderate Mediterranean climate allows for a lengthy ripening season. The Coastal Mountain range blocks Bío Bío from the influence of the ocean, though the region is still known for high rainfall and strong winds. This can make the regions’ growing conditions somewhat challenging for grape growers, but skillful winemakers have embraced this opportunity and shown success.

The climate conditions in Bío Bío are similar to those in northern France.  Add to that the soils made up of alluvial matter, clay and sand and it’s a recipe for success. The results are lower-alcohol wines with bright acidity giving way to a more mineral expression in contrast with some of their fruit-forward counterparts from other regions.

– Description from Constance Chamberlain

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Bío-bío is one of three subregions of the Sur (South.) The region is approximately 600-700 kilometers south of Santiago and is further from the equator than most of the other regions in Chile.

Here, there is more rainfall, cooler temperatures and higher winds due to decreased protection from Chile's Coastal range. No doubt, a challenging region for viticulture, but still the region is known for its crisp and fruity Pinot Noir wines as well as its minerally driven Riesling and Chardonnay wines.

As with the rest of the country, Bío-bío has never been effected by Phylloxera which means that the vines grown in the region remain ungrafted.

– Description from Constance Chamberlain

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