Non-sweet, Champagne (err, sparkling wine) Cocktails?


I have a stash of inexpensive sparklers that honestly aren’t that interesting on their own--I'm having some girlfriends in from out of town this weekend and want to make sparkling wine cocktails...Any recipes or suggestions? Preferably not too sweet?

  • 344163AmateurWineaux You could always do a twist on the classics that Klh mentioned. I used to work in a Caribbean bar that used to do a twist on the Mimosa/Bellini using Mango juice instead. Using fresh mango juice if you can find it would be ideal as any canned or concentrated juice would be too sweet. Great for the summer time and cheaper than a cocktail requiring several ingredients.


  • Maybe these are too obvious, but you can't beat the Mimosa or Bellini. Especially if you're going to have breakfast with it.

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    Snooth User: Mark Angelillo

    Aug 2, 2011 at 12:11pm

    • 880543Kirsy If you do not want sweet then try a cocktail called the Champagne cooler, is a strong drink but delish for the type of palate that prefers gin and tonic over sweet drinks. 1oz brandy or Cognac 1oz triple sec or blue curacao 8oz Champagne

    • 803609Hana Choi How about a Kir Royale (super light on the cassis); champagne with a hint of Pom juice; or my favorite, bubbly with just the slightest splash of St. Germain!

    • 889702Lolita Rojo Champagne with Pom juice and a hint of lime is the best. Now for easy fixed, if you have cranberry juice, you can always try that.

    • 602268ScottLauraH I don't like things too sweet, so when I'm making champagne cocktails I often go for cranberry juice and sparkling wine. I've also had luck with the blueberry/cranberry blends and the cran/peach blends.

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