I recently did a post on enjoying a glass of wine during business lunches and the work week and how times have changed! What is everyone's feedback?

Back in the days when Ad Agency and Wall Street types indulged in the ‘3-martini lunch’ (among other things – whiskey, bourbon etc..) during business meetings and lunch hours, were times when it was the norm to partake in a business cocktail with lunches.  From the God Father to Wall Street to the more recently historical flashback to Mad Men, are examples that wine (at the least) was enjoyed during working hours and at business meetings to its fullest! Nowadays, I rarely see this and there is usually no wine ordering when out to a work lunch.  So what has changed? Why now are workers hesitant to order a glass of wine to compliment their lunch? Why is it inappropriate to have a glass of Chardonnay or Pinot Noir with clients? Is it an etiquette thing or is it just over time the act has been ‘time capsuled’ into the past where we will be forever indebted to movies and our father’s stories.  These are the questions I’m dying to find out as I was out to lunch the other day and got to thinking, what would happen if I ordered a glass of wine with lunch during the work week…???

So, I’ve turned to the experts far and wide in NYC. Fashion Stylists, Marketing Managers at prestige fashion houses and media companies, VP’s of financial companies etc… and they all seem to have similar perspectives…. IT’S NOT APPROPRIATE AND UNPRODUCTIVE DURING LUNCH MEETINGS…

“Absolutely not. I would never do that. Too risky and also could make you look like you’re not focused or working hard. I work at a media agency and when you are in a service based industry, your clients need to always think you are working for them and working hard.”

Shocking, even finance types are being careful adding drinks to lunch… “Rarely. If I have anything alcoholic at lunch it would be a beer. However, I have co-workers that order wine at lunch maybe 1-3 times a month when we go to a good restaurant. For example, recently lunch at Mialino and BLT fish called for wine.” Boy times have certainly changed… And although they do think it’s fine in moderation… “Fridays especially are fine because afternoons tend to be slower.” Seems like now there is a time and a place…

From the perspective of someone who grew up in ‘3-martini lunch’ period and is still working…”Times have changed so much in my industry. I think it really all started when DWI went into effect. But in the old days I remember taking out one particular customer and he would have 3 Martini’s before lunch, 2 glasses of wine during lunch and an after ‘lunch’ drink. Then go back to his office and write a $30,000 order. This was typical in the old days.” – Wow. That is just madness; I would be done for the week!

It also seems that happy hours/dinners/after work drink meetings are the norm now vs. drinks with lunch meetings…

“Sober lunches lead to a more powerful “let’s get after it” happy hour.”

So in closing, when is it appropriate to drink at lunch meetings??  ”IF I LIVED IN FRANCE-YES THEN IT WOULD BE APPROPRIATE!!!!”

So there you have it and although I 100% agree with the above comments and feel that the portrayal of wine consistently paired with business lunches will not show light anytime soon, I’m wondering if just like fashion trends and branding, this ‘act’ will resurrect itself in the future and even bring about a new era of the  ‘3-wine lunch’.  A girl can dream….